Automatic backlinks (with manual insert option)

This plugin gets notes that reference opened note (aka backlinks) and put them all at the end.

Automatic version

Peek 2021-01-27 19-49

From of version 2.0.1 backlinks can show up automatically in preview pane!
(Works with Joplin 1.7.4 an up)

Manual version

After install,the icon of hand will be added to Toolbar
Clicking on will insert backlinks into text body of the note

Flag to ignore

Paste <!-- backlinks-ignore --> anywhere in the note's text and it won't appear in backlinks sections of other notes.


  • Auto-backlinks section can be hidden if there are no backlinks to note
  • Choose text of section header (default is ## Backlinks)
  • Insert manually at the top or at the bottom of note
  • Use manual insert hint if no backlinks present

So it adds support for backlinks? If so you might want to add this somewhere in the title or description, as several users will be interested by this, and with that keyword it will be easier to find.

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Yes it adds backlinks. I'll edit title and description. Thanks for heads up.

It sounds interesting, but could you elaborate a bit on this plugin ?
I've just installed it and I have no idea how it works.
What do I have to do/type in my notes ? Is there a special syntax ?

A concrete example would be welcome.

Thanks !

Thanks for trying this plugin.

After install, the icon of black hand (image below) should appear in toolbar:
Clicking on it will get all backlinks (References) and put them at the bottom of the note.
Like so:
and they will work like normal Joplin links.

If there's something not clear - ask away.


Aaaah, I get it !
I didn't notice the toolbar had a new icon !
Maybe you should mention it in your github page, because it's not obvious.
(I was searching in the top menus or the right-click menus...)

Now everything's fine. Very useful !

Thanks for your help.

A request, if it is possible : an option (something like a simple textfield ?) to insert a custom text instead of the default one "References" ?

It's in least expected place then. :smiley:
Good point, i'll post some visual explanation on github.

Yes its possible. Let me update code and upload it.


Version with option to set custom heading text

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Good idea, find the current note backreference performance does not seem so slow, maybe I will implement it later of vscode plugin

Forward quoting notes
Back reference notes
Reference attachments for notes
history record(Requires api support)

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Perfect ! Thank you !

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This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut for adding the links?


This is fantastic, thank you for your work! I'm using your highglighted text plugin daily, and this will likely be the same.

Would it be possible to configure whether we'd want to prepend (at the very top) or append to a note? most of the time appending at the end makes sense, but for masterpage notes, it's also useful to add backlinks at the very top (sort of an index).

Thanks again!


This plugin is awesome, an small step to being closer of a proper zettelkasten implementation


Yes it is, i'll do version where shortcut will be assignable.

I see your point, good suggestion, will make setting for it.

new version is ready:

@uxamanda the shortcut can be set now. By default its Ctrl+Alt+B

@joesfer you can now switch between behaviors in settings


Thanks, appreciate it!

Just for notifying it, is plugin working on 1.6.6? At least not for me... I've returned to 1.6.4.


Doesn't work for me too.
Same error I noticed here for the plugin Create Note from Text.

Windows 10 / Joplin 1.6.6 (prod, win32)

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Not working for me either on Joplin v1.6.6.

Joplin 1.6.6 (prod, win32)