Internal Quick Linking + Mindmapping

There has been discussion in various threads and GH issues (like here: Internal URL/hyperlink) about improving the ease with which internal linking can be done (such as by using [[ ]] tags around note names, Confluence style).

I saw on HackerNews today the announcement of a new note-taking app called Obsidian (which sadly is not open source). It includes a couple of features I was hoping Joplin would have when I first started using it ( - quick linking, and, a visual display of relationships between notes (a “mind map”).

These would be absolutely killer features for Joplin to include. I love Joplin, and believe in the open source movement too much to leave for a paid app, but these features to me seem like they wouldn’t be too hard for Joplin to include.

I think it might be worth considering the different ways or “modes” if you like, in which Joplin is used. Some use it for journaling/keeping a diary, some for a collection of lists, some for writing essays and articles. I personally use it as my personal Wiki, and linking things together right now is not as easy as it should be for a wiki. A visual mind mapping feature would amazing too. I note that Obsidian also has this “multiplexer view” ( which seems to just be multiple panes with a different note in each. Given that Joplin finally has WYSIWIG support, this should be simple to include too (essentially WYSIWIG + multiple panes).


I use Joplin as a Personal Wiki as well, and would love quick linking.

Something like the Go-To-Anything function would be superb. Instead of opening the search result, it would insert a markdown link into the current note.


Quick linking, in any of the ways described, would greatly improve my Joplin workflow. I’m using Joplin for an evergreen notes / zettlekasten process, and internal links are central to that.

One related request - I’d really like an easy keyboard shortcut for following an existing link that’s under the editor cursor. E.g. if my cursor is in any part of the [...](...) text, pressing the shortcut would take me to the linked note or open the linked external URL.


I took a quick tour of Obsidian.
I liked the graph view, internal linking, back-linking (very useful) and file management (simple folders and files in hierarchy)

I got to know about Zettlekasten method today and will be trying it out in obsidian (might have to work get linking work again on joplin if decide not to use it further though)

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I tested Obsidian and Joplin could mirror some of its features, the linking is what we need in joplin, the app uses flat file and the search is fluid. the graph view is nice but needs more control like showing only things related to it, right now it shows everything and its confusing, I like TheBrain way of showing the data although you have to do it manually. the multipane feature is brilliant, you can view different notes at the same time.

Overall the app is great.


Thanks for the evergreen notes link. I think it might be best system for my personal use. I’m currently adopting it to suit my needs (general knowledge + technology specific)

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You have to prefix exclamation mark “!” before the link
Ways to use image -

Attachment Image

Internet Image Link

Use image tag
<img width="739" height="473" src=""/>


I made a mistake, the image preview is the same as in Joplin,

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@laurent It seems there is still a lot of support for improving the quick-linking support in Joplin. This has been discussed at various times, and you took part in some of those discussions. I don’t believe the feature to be very time-consuming or resource intensive to develop - all the groundwork is there. Is this something you could see be added in an upcoming version?


I just came back to Joplin from Obsidian because obsidian is not well structured and intuitive like Joplin is! Then there is the fact that it is proprietary. It would be great if we could adopt links, backlinks and the graph view from Zettelkasten/Obsidian to Joplin. :slight_smile:


@jis2507 Do you have a good set of links to the discussions?

Just chiming in here to mention that I’ve proposed bidirectional linking/Zettlekasten as a plugin to be implemented for a future version of Joplin in this new thread created by Laurent.

If you want to see this feature implemented in the future, feel free to say so in the thread or ‘like’ my post.


At present, the combination of these three plug-ins can realize this function.
Quick LinkesAutomatic Backlinks to noteLink Graph UI