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Quick Links Plugin

Create links to notes by typing @@ and selecting from a popup window.
Based on the same idea as Plugin: inline tags - #3 by uxamanda

Shows 10 most recently updated notes initially, then as you type it uses the text to find notes with matching title.

Still a bit rough (e.g. will offer to create a link to the note being edited), just trying to see if there's any interest in developing this further.

The plugin requires Joplin 1.7.x

Forgot the link:


This looks very interesting. I think there will be a ton of interest in this. First thing I thought of was it would make recreating note links much quicker (these links get lost via ENEX export file) for those of us coming over from Evernote. And this would clearly streamline note linking for everyone else - no need to leave note you're working in to find the target note, copy link, return to working note and then paste link.

Can you make this available in jpl to make it easier to install so that non-techie users don't have to build anything and can just select jpl file and install?

Also, if you make it available through the plugin repo, that will further simplify installation, as well as installing future updates.


From the number of posts over the years asking for something like this, I would think that once it hits the plugin repo there is going to be quite a bit of interest!


This is great. It basically is pretty much the same thing as suggested many times. e.g.:

Edit: I am sure there's a lot of interest for further development. I see a feature request coming to even link to a heading within a note... (This was requested many times before as well.) Adding it to this plugin is the next logial conclusion.


very exciting plugin! looking forward to a JPL.

For now I have published the JPL manually here:


You are on a roll, another great plugin! Thanks for building!

Must be in the repo now; I installed it from Tools > Options > Plugins.

This plugin is . . . AWESOME. Totally streamlines linking notes, which means I'm going to do a lot more of it, where previously I often didn't bother because the hurdle was too high, but now I can note link w/o breaking stride in the note that I'm in.

Plus, this is going to be very handy for people coming over from the floundering green elephant, because it will make recreating note links much quicker.

And to think, you were wondering

Yeah, I think it's safe to say a lot of people are going to be trying this out, so I'm sure there will be requests to further develop.


Hi Roman,

I was considering to do same similar thing in my plugin (go to via text).
Now the thing is that some parts of your plugins and my would duplicate their functionality.
So i would suggest to make one plugin (I like name "Quick links" :slight_smile: ).

So the plugin would work like this:
suggest ui
use @@ for notes
use # for tags
use @ for notepads

and url scheme for those:
notes [note](:/noteid) (standard Joplin link)
tags [tag](:/#tagid)
notebooks [notebook](:/@notebookid)

To make links (tags and notebooks ) active,
you can use logic from my markdown-it plugin

(active code is for Joplin 1.6 but all that is needed for 1.7 is in comments)
This together makes links clickable for all three types.

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I'm very happy for this plugin, it indeed is in the repo, and will be the reason for me moving more quickly to 1.7 . Thanks!

Hey Rik

What you propose sounds reasonable. I'll need to take a closer look to see what exactly your plugin does.
It also reminded me of this discussion: Are URL links on the roadmap?

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This is very nice. Kudos for the work done.

Is there a way to make this plugin work in WYSWYG editor directly. It does work in markdown mode.

Note - I am talking about the popup note selector.

+1 to the idea.

Having a single plugin with an uniform way to create quick links would be excellent.

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As far as I know, the WYSWYG editor is completely different so getting it to work there means essentially doing it from scratch. Well, except for the part that fetches notes but that is the easy part.
In fact, I'm not even sure it's possible with WYSWYG at all.

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@laurent do we have any plugin outlets to enable this in WYSWYG mode ?

Thanks for a link. Haven't seen that discussion.
It would be best if those two had unified structure:
joplin://tag/<tag id>
same as
[#tag](:/tag/<tag id>).

I'll cross post in mentioned thread to suggest it.

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This is AWESOME! :clap: