Automatic backlinks (with manual insert option)

Thanks for the plugin! Works great. I'm on Joplin 1.5.14 (prod, win32)

I have the same issue.
For now solution is to downgrade.

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Tried downgrading to 1.6.5, but plugin still doesn't work. Downgraded to 1.6.4 and it works, so breaking change occurred in 1.6.5.

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Working in Joplin 1.6.7 which was released a few hours ago.


In Joplin 1.7.3, in plugins section, I see:

But when I check github, I see that v1.0.3 is the latest version.

Not seeing this behavior with other plugins, so I'm not sure if it's a problem with this plugin, the repo, or Joplin v1.7.3.

Releases are separate way of distributing plugins (installing from file).
And indeed there is one release behind the version in Joplin manager.
The manager way is preferred but i will update release to make it consistent.

Thanks for posting.

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Nice plugin.

The icon for the plugin is different when we use WYSWYG mode but works correctly in markdown mode.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

As for icon it seems to be a bug. I posted issue about Icons of plugins in WYSIWYG are broken · Issue #4414 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub


Hi every body!

Dropped in to announce ... automatic backlinks ! :partying_face:
It works with Joplin 1.7.4.

Its pushed to plugins registry and is also available here: EDIT version 2.0.0 has a bug use 2.0.1 Release Automated backlinks! · ambrt/joplin-plugin-referencing-notes · GitHub


Hi @ambrt, wholehearted thank you for your work!

Would it be very difficult to have an exception list, either in the settings, or in a file manually configured?

Or to allow user to flag existing notes not to be processed by Automatic Backlink? An HTML comment for example in existing notes that would tell your plugin to ignore this note.,
e.g. <!--autobacklink ignore-->?

The reason being to handle scenarios like that below:

An issue I came up against with the backlinks plugin is it's picking up "noise" from, another excellecnt plugin, the Note Overview plugin.

In this case if I have a longish list of Overview Notes saved for example: To Dos in Titles, To Dos in body, Updated last 7 days, etc — the backlink plugin (depending on the filters set in the Overview Notes) will include backlinks to all these transitory notes in many notes.

Hope that's clear enough to make sense! :slight_smile:


Thanks for kind words :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have it in settings but i think the only way now is manually through comment in text, like you suggest.

Next version will include this feature.


Wow! Fast! :slight_smile:

New version is out!

Ignore note flag <!-- backlinks-ignore -->
,option to hide section if there are no backlinks and few bug fixes.

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Unfortunately, the current version of the Note Overview plugin overwrites the <! - backlinks-ignore -> comment when generating a body of note.
And if you put <! - backlinks-ignore -> before
<! - note-overview-plugin
search: resource: image / *
fields: updated_time, title, size
sort: updated_time DESC
then Note Overview does not work. But this is a wish to the author of the Note Overview )

Hi, thanks for this plugin! I am trying to use it as well but I can't see the icon ref-icon

It must be obvious but I can't see it, can you please help? Maybe with a screenshot?

Many thanks



Thank you! Okay I know why I couldn't see it, it is because I was on the v1.6.8.
So I upgraded to the latest pre-release v1.7.10 and I can now see it! Amazing!
I played a bit with it and it is working great for me! Good work!

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I think i have solution to this, will apply it.

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Is it possible to have the backlinks in a separate pane on the side, not inserted into the note text itself?

I'd like backlinks, but since this seems to modify the note text (which I don't want), I'm reluctant to try it out.

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