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  1. It seems internal Joplin links are not clickable in WYSIWIG editor/mode. Is that correct? If so, is that a feature or a bug?

  2. Also, currently I'm converting what were Evernote internal links to Joplin internal links one-by-one, via copy & paste. Is there a better way to do it? Or am I missing great navigation features that could help me rely less on internal links?


Joplin 1.6.8 (prod, win32)

Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: fc7bd41c1 (master)

  1. In WYSIWYG editor, CTRL+click (Windows, maybe CMD+click on Mac?) for both internal and external links.

  2. Can you elaborate on what you're doing? Are you recreating note links by searching for note link text (hopefully it's the title of target note in most instances), finding target note, copying link, and pasting back in referring note? If that's your process, outside of a script, that's probably as good as you can get. Personally, I will only recreate note links as needed (meaning, when I stumble onto an old Evernote note link that I want to recreate, I'll go through steps described above). This is a limitation of Evernote's ENEX export format which does not contain GUID (unique note identifier).

  3. Going forward, there are a couple of plugins that help make it easy to create backlinks.
    Insert referencing notes (backlinks) plugin
    Create note from highlighted text

  4. And this was posted this morning, which looks promising: Quick Links Plugin This could be a great way to speed up manual recreation of Evernote note links.

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Thanks! I didn't think to Ctrl+click.

The process I've been doing is close to what you describe above. Your explanation about the Evernote limitation is helpful.

I may check out the plugins. I'm trying to get the basics down and functionality for my notes up before I get too far involved in lots of tinkering.

That limitation of enex files doesn't just apply when importing enex into another note app, it applies to importing to Evernote itself. Yes, that means for Evernote users, their enex backups are not lossless - in the event an Evernote user needed to restore those backups to Evernote, that user would lose all their note links. With all their resources, they couldn't figure out how to create a lossless backup. I guess they were too busy trying to settle on the perfect shade of green and shape of elephant head logo.

I wouldn't bother trying to recreate any note links before getting this plugin: Quick Links Plugin
That's a game changer for speed of recreating note links.


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