Any suggestions on what plugins could be created?

I don't get it, doesn't the "all notes" button show this? And there are sort options, too.

I don't know if this would count as a plugin or a feature, but I would love the ability to change WYSIWYG fonts. The current font on Mac just seems weird.

I'd also like the ability to set a "default" folder for new notes, instead of always resorting to whatever folder I was in last.


Would be good to have a way to install syntax highlighting for languages that aren't supported out of the box. This is prompted by No code syntax highlighting for x86asm in editor · Issue #4417 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Maybe even have some sort of editor to define keywords/rules for highlighting like for instance Notepad++ has.


A meta plugin to check for and notify when plugins have updates. See Check for Plugin Updates - #3 by uxamanda


Incorporating the graphing tool charter would be incredible.

Link title update feature / plugin

Would be good to have a way

  • to update the titles of links in all linked notes if the tittle of the link source is changed
  • to indicate :x::link: broken internal links if the link source is deleted


It helps to keep growing and evolving documentation: you might not need to worry about updating titles in one note and run around the backlinks to update the displayed title on other notes.


Suppose you made a first draft of a note Favorite lunch, you link it to other notes. Then the note changed direction and you change the title to Sandwiches. Now everywhere else in the notebook it links to Sandwiches but title being displayed as Favorite lunch. And to change the title, you need painstakingly copy the updated title everywhere where it was linked before.


This demo shows my take how this feature might look like. Broken links are shown in the body and the title of a note.

I think this feature also might be great addition for some existing plugins (like Automatic backlinks/@ambrt , Quick Links Plugin/@roman_r_m , Rich Markdown/@CalebJohn) if the creator is interested.

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A Tooltip Glossary plugin would be awesome. Whenever you mouseover a word that has a note linked to it (maybe the word is the title and the note has a a specific tag), its content (the definition) appears in a floating tooltip.


Two ideas for the RTF/WYSIWYG editor, not sure if either is possible though.

  1. Add (dynamic) TOC support to the RTF editor
    As of now the the RTF editor converts the [toc] markdown keyword to a list of internal links. However, when changing, deleting or adding new headers, the list of links is not updated. The only workaround I found is to create a template consisting only of "[toc]" and manually inserting it at the top of the note (and deleting the "old" static list) whenever there are header changes. Maybe this process could be automated.

  2. Add markdown syntax support to the RTF editor
    e.g. typing "- [some text]" triggers a bullet point formatting

I really like this idea! I want to stop using PowerPoint so badly and MARP really looks nice!

They also have a VS Code extension, but I have no idea if that means anything w.r.t. the efforts of including it in Joplin.

We have outline pane, favourites pane and pinned notes pane. What about a "note view history pane"? Currently there is only the "back" and "forward" arrows in the tool-line as far as I see. The view history pane should list the recently viewed notes on the device.


Totaly agree with that :wink:

Plugin: Note Tabs this plugin can be configured to "pin" each note that you edit. For me, this seems to be similar to what you are asking.

cc/ @bepolymathe

Yes, maybe we misunderstood each other. I was thinking of the modification history of the files. In a panel showing the differences between file versions it would be ideal.

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I did not think about the file-history but the view-history. What uxamanda suggest is a workaround which is ok, and I currently do things that way, but it requires me to remember to pin a notebook before I leave it.

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I can't remember if this is the default, but I have Automatically pin notes when edited selected in settings. You can also set up a keyboard shortcut for Pin note to Tabs to make it easier to tab things you haven't edited. All that to say, I still think your original idea would be a nice plugin. :slight_smile:

One thing I'd love to see is a daily notice of some kind that gave me a list of all Notes that were either created, modified, or deleted. Sort of a daily digest.


Ah, got it. Thanks for the pointer. I think the only thing missing is the deleted notes. I don't see how that would work or did I miss that?

No, I don't think showing deleted notes is possible.