Syntax to link notes

Very cool! This could maybe even hook into the new search system that is being developed.

While we’re talking about linking notes, I have another thought. Would it be possible to update the link text/alt text if the title of the linked note is modified? Obviously this only works if no custom name to the link is given.

For larger projects, I often use separate notes for different sections and an “overview” note. Having to update the links manually is kind of a pain.


This looks fantastic!

One thing though - isn’t AceEditor is going to be replaced with CodeMirror?

Thanks for looking into it but please keep in mind that we might drop Ace Editor in favour of Code Mirror at some point (maybe sooner than I thought), so it might be best and even easier to get it working on Code Mirror instead.

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Ah ok, I didn't know this. After the little work I did with Ace Editor and looking at the docs for Code Mirror, I can see why this might be happening. Is there a branch where Code Mirror is the default editor and can be worked on? It probably wouldn't be hard to add this autocomplete feature to it (they even have documentation! :slight_smile:) , but I would need to mess around to get it working.


The Code Mirror editor is already in the pre-release but you need to enable it in the Settings => Note => Enable Code Mirror

This is great. Before I read all the replies I wanted to say that upgrading Ace was on our list anyway.

But it seems that Laurent wants to get rid of it. I actually hoped that it would be here to stay, but if Code Mirror has the same functionality as Ace, I don’t care.

e.g. I really like the fact that I can move lines up and down with Opt+Up and Opt+Down.

However, I have the feeling that Code Mirror is more visual than text. And I really like just simple text in the editor. But I could be wrong.

It is just a simple text editor. But it has proper Unicode support, support for variable line heights, and is more extensible. Personally I would like to make the editor more visual, but obviously not everyone would want that. The current hearing changes can be disabled using the userchrome.css but ideally we’ll also have a toggle in the settings for users like you that just want an editor.

P.s. I’ll look into the line switching thing, should be easy to add


wow, this looks amazing! Maybe we can open a draft PR to add this feature based on Code Mirror together!


This Would Be great and the zettelkasten editor called obsidian .md was mad e by two people and wouldn’t be dfficult to implement so plwase do it

Great man this would be a deal breaker for me how do you implement this, i have no idea about what to do

Great man this would be a deal breaker for me how do you implement this, i have no idea about what to do


GIven you came up with this cool solution, I have a follow up question. How hard do you think it is to implement the same functionality in the Markdown editor? Is it at all possible?

For note linking, would it be intuitive enough to use the current Goto Anything feature and allow copying the note link from there. Then the process while editing a note would look like this:

search term
Ctrl-c (would close the Goto Anything dialog)

I'm not sure if this is technically possible as I haven't reviewed the particular code, but it does use roughly the same number of keystrokes.

Edit: This by itself would not allow linking on mobile since the Goto Anything feature does not exist on mobile (as far as I can tell).


Or just allow right click to have Copy Markdown Link option on Go To Anything.

(Ohh. v1.2 ditched right menu altogether, there was some Copy menu in 1.0)

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As far as I can tell, Drag&Drop only works inside a single folder while notes can be seen&selected…

I like to use keyboard without mouse to write notes, and I really like this idea!

I think we also need to have keyboard shortcuts to go inside the note which the cursor current on, like go to definition. Then we need shortcuts to go back and go forward like ctrl+oand ctrl+i in vim.

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Looking forward to seeing either version (ctrl-p/go-to-anything (in linux)) or [[; I'm considering migrating my notes from Zim to Joplin - I make extensive use of linking across notes in Zim, residing in multiple "sub notebooks", so drag & drop doesn't work and right-clicking to copy the link to the notes and then pasting looks really cumbersome (I have a few hundred internal links)

So looking forward to a way to easily search a target note by title and insert a link to it all without using the mouse; even more awesome would be a two-step selection where first the note is searched by title and once selected, the anchors within the target note are listed so this way we can insert links to a specific section of the target note


I'm also very much looking forward to this, especially with a backlink feature.

Is there a road mop somewhere where feature requests / plugins could be upvoted?


these two plugins work great:


The Quick Links plugin might offer the general functionality you were looking for. It implements within the body of the Markdown editor rather than via its toolbar icons, but otherwise seems like what you're after.

[Edit: Ah, I see someone else already linked the same (plus another). Have you found something that's working for you?]