Plugin: Sidebar plugin bundles [v0.5.5][2023-04-09]

Joplin Plugin Bundle

v0.5.5 【2023-04-09】

Plugins in one panel. Some of the plugins come from other repo, and I modified them to show all the plugin panels in the same panel under different tabs.

Why? : Save my screen space by aggregating those plugins into one panel

How? : Copy & Paste code from existing plugins, and modify them at the code level. I cannot figure out a non-intrusive way to gather them together in one panel.

Current plugins:

Under development:




Oh ! Great idea !

Hi @SeptemberHX

It's already very practical ! I guess you already have a lot of ideas for modifications in mind. Some suggestions that come to my mind

  • It would be interesting to integrate the history plugin or the favorites plugin.
  • It would be interesting if the dates of the tasks (deadline) were recognized as links to the day of the calendar
  • It would be very useful if the tasks could be filtered by tags
  • Maybe a panel tab to display all the links in the document would be useful (in addition to the backlinks).
  • Maybe we could consider integrating footnotes?
    In short, all this gives a lot of desires... probably too much. Anyway, thanks for this, it's a great idea!

Thanks for your suggestions! I am also interested in the history(#1) and link(#4) functions.

  • For #2, do you mean jumping to the note of the deadline day by clicking the task dates?
  • For #3, I plan to add a project view along with existing today, scheduled, and inbox. But I haven't figured out the UI yet because the width of the panel is limited
  • For the footnotes(#5), I plan to show the footnotes by hovering on the [^xxx] in the markdown editor because I think the usages of the footnotes are more important than the footnote itself. If so, this feature will be included in the Enhancement plugin.
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Cool @SeptemberHX !

Excellent news.

Yes, I'm sorry, that wasn't very clear. That's exactly what I meant.

Oh yes, that would be really great. It would make it possible to consider doing GTD with better ergonomics in Joplin.

This option would be just fine. You're right, it's better.

Another request. It would be very useful to be able to define the notebook in which the daily notes are inserted :thinking:

For #2, you can click the task to open the note that the task belongs to. It is a little confusing if a new note is created by clicking the task date when the task is in other note but tagged with a date.

Another request. It would be very useful to be able to define the notebook in which the daily notes are inserted :thinking:

I can make it as a configuration in the settings in future release.

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Update to v0.4.0

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That’s great !

It's really nice to use. Nice work. The filter of the tasks bring a real plus. The only thing missing is the ability to combine the filters (included/excluded)... but I'm probably asking a bit too much.
Moreover, we could also imagine a tab allowing to display searches at the user's choice, a bit like the agenda plugin does :thinking: or "just" include the agenda plugin in the list ! Useful for those who using tradtional todo notes...

Thanks a lot.

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Excellent plugin and very nice design! Has enabled me to cut out a bunch of plugins and massively improved my interface!

The Daily Note addition is very nice since I've been thinking about moving to a note-per-day diary instead of per month :ok_hand:

Some notes about the design though:

  • It seems like the colour scheme doesn't take from Joplin itself so when using a dark mode theme it looks really bright...
  • The Outline headings seem to have overflow omitted rather than wrapping to a new line, there's a setting for this in the options of Outline already though so leaving this decision to the user would be better (upon checking, it seems like maybe all of these settings do nothing? Colour and font size are definitely ignored at least...)

And for the daily note:

  • Being able to customise the naming scheme of the notes and notrebooks would be really appreciated (eg using "08 - August" or "August" rather than "08" for the notebook names and "31-Wednesday" instead of "22-08-31"). The Journal plugin has a customisable naming scheme in it's settings so maybe look at that for inspiration?
  • You don't seem to be able to use a subnotebook as the base, maybe being able to set a notebook ID rather than a name would be better?

Again, thanks so much for this plugin, it's really nice work!

Yes totally agree !

Yes, that's why I'm using both for the moment by configuring the journal plugin to insert the created notes in the "Daily Note" structure. This also allows me to take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts and the "insert a link from a future date" function of the Journal plugin. This is very useful with backlinks.

Indeed it is always better with IDs :+1:

Hi @SeptemberHX

I just did an intensive test because I needed to review my tasks. With almost 60 tasks in Joplin, I find it would be very useful to be able to apply the filters you set up to the scheduled tasks list or the inbox list. The fact that it's a separate tab is very useful for readability though. Or maybe have a checkbox "apply these filters to all tabs" :thinking:

I don't think we need the filter for scheduled tasks because it is designed for checking your following tasks in a few days. I don't think the users can have many tasks in Today/Schedule lists, and there is no need to get a separate filter.

For the Inbox list, it would be too similar to the Filter list with a separate filter. If the users care about the Projects/Tags, they should use the Filter list instead.

However, I think it is a good idea to add one more filter: With a due date or not, in the Filter list. You can get the same results as the Inbox/Scheduled lists with separate filters.

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Ok, i understand your point of view.

With this addition it will be very good. I could filter the tasks without planned date and with a "waiting" tag. :+1:

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V0.4.1 is here now. :slight_smile:


Hey @SeptemberHX :+1:

Thank you very much. I just did a quick test and it seems there is a problem. If I note a todo without tag, without project and without date it does not appear in "inbox" nor with the filters :thinking:

I look more in detail...

Okay. I had misunderstood. If a todo is in a journal entry with no due date mentioned it is considered to have a due date on that day. Isn't that right?

Indeed, I move the todo somewhere else in another notebook it appears well in inbox...

This is a bit of an unsettling behavior for me because I regularly write down an undated todo in a journal entry during a meeting to come back to it later. As a result, it doesn't appear in my todo list in "inbox"...

Yes, tasks in the note with the title YYYY-MM-DD will be assigned the same date string as the note title by default.

I will add settings for it so that we can enable/disable it in the next release.


That's great. Thanks !

On the other hand, I think that this feature based on titles could solve a problem raised several times on the forum: distinguish planned dates (in which I start working on something) from due dates.

One could imagine that todo's in a journal entry in YYYY-MM-DD format are scheduled dates. That the due dates are those that are written in the line at //YYYY-MM-DD

I would find this useful as it is a current limitation of Joplin's todo notes where you can only use the reminder as the due date. It would then be necessary to simply show both types of dates in the panel using different colors for example.

What do you think @SeptemberHX ? Maybe also @Imperial_Squid ?