Inline Todo Plugin

Maybe this:

could tell you something

Hello! It is working now. Thank you

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An idea what could have triggered it to start working?

One thing I forgot to ask was, how many notes do you have?

Ok, yes. It works in my work (at the office, Arch linux, Joplin 2.8.8), but it doesn't work at home, Linux Mint 20.1, Joplin same version, but flatpak. So must be the flatpak package....

Not too much, I'm beggining to use Joplin, maybe 150... and only 2 notes have the '@THING' to test the plugin


  • Feature: Show completed TODOs
    • Turn on under the Inline Todo Settings -> Advanced
  • Feature: New "List" Formatter. This is similar to the Heading/List
    formatter but more skewed for personal use. Thanks to
    psfinal9 for implementing this!

Hey, thanks for the great plugin. I really like it, especially as part of the Plugin Bundle. I was wondering if there was any plan to add a todo.txt style to the plugin.

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thanks for the great plugin!

But, since I keep all notes in one notebook (I only work with linked notes with --Note Link System + NoteOverview) I can't filter my TodoSummerys unfortunately.
So it would be cool, if you could filter by tags in addition to notebooks.

I would like to support todo.txt format eventually.

That makes sense, do you have a suggestion for how this could work from a ui/ux perspective?

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Thanks for Reply!
From non-programmer-perspective i think its quied simple :wink::

Filtering by notebooks currently looks like this <!-- inline-todo-plugin Work "Special Project" -->.
Filtering by notebooks and tags might look something like this<!-- inline-todo-plugin Work "Special Project" #tag1 (explicit include) -#tag2 (explicit exclude)-->

Another example (like NoteOverview):

<!-- inline-todo-plugin
tag:tag1 tag:tag2 (incl.) -tag:tag3 (excl.)

What do you think?

I've written a feature request with your request. I consider this plugin (mostly) complete. So it's not a personal priority of mine to complete requests, but I will likely add the feature eventually.

Yes, I understand. It would be great if you could put it in at some point.

My system always says ALL Done

I understand t should pick up notes with @TODO within a checkbox?

Yes by default it picks up checkboxes with @todo. Can you share an example of one of your inline todos? Also please check your settings, there are several inline-todo formats, its possible you've accidentally enabled a different one


I'm sorry for not replying sooner, but I've been mulling this over and I don't know why it doesn't work for you. I'm going to do a deeper read of the code to see if anything jumps out at me, but I don't expect to find much.


  • Feature: Highlighted Due date colour will change based on current date (green if due date is in the future, orange if it's due today, and red for past due)
  • Change: Added the assignee to due items in the plain Notebook list summary style

Should be available any minute


Great plugin, @CalebJohn! I think this makes more sense than the typical implementation of GTD in note taking apps, where 'reference' notes and todos are separated. For many of us, the reference notes can be work we generate, and those necessarily will have action items, and separating them out into separate todos seems unnatural - i.e., we are adapting to the GTD system, instead of adapting the system to us. And then we have the overhead of copying the content of those todos to the reference note to memorialize the actions taken as it relates to the subject matter of the reference note.

For those who haven't tried it, check out the table summary output for the inline todos and use @hieuthi 's table sorting plugin. I'm using @assignee as context for the todo (i.e., outside, at my desk, inside the house, errands, etc.), +tags as subject matter, due dates as normal (note that dates should be entered yyyy-mm-dd format in order for them to be sortable). The sortable table makes it easy to see todos sorted by date, or context, or subject matter (or any of the other columns). These 2 plugins are a killer combo!


@CalebJohn now that I've told you how great your plugin is, perhaps we could discuss a potential improvement? :grinning:

Having all the todos in a sortable table is awesome, but having to re-sort the table everytime the Todo summary note is opened is a pain point. Imagine the use case of using this note to manage one's todos and referencing the note throughout the day, and having to manually resort to one's preferred sort every time the note is opened.

I'd guess that most people would have a preferred default view - for many, it may be the due date, for others it may be the @assignee field. Since your plugin is collecting all the '- @' todos, would it be much more work to sort them (according to a user option available in Tools > Options > Inline Todo along with the existing todo style and summary note format options) prior to writing them to the summary note? If that is doable, then table sorting plugin would only be needed to perform a sort that differs from the default sort. And most importantly, most times the user opens the note, they will not need to perform a sort, since the table is already sorted per their default preference.

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I've made a feature request to track this. It sounds like a good feature, but not something that I'll be implementing anytime soon. I would accept a PR implementing it.


This may be out of scope of this plugin, and perhaps Joplin's plugin architecture, but it would be useful to be able to bulk change due dates on the inline todo's. Consider the example where you have 8 todo's for today, but mid-morning an emergency task arises and occupies the rest of your day. At the end of the day, you haven't completed 6 of your scheduled todo's for the day. So you have to go into each note to change the due date to tomorrow or another date - this could require going into as many as 6 different notes.

For those who are using the inline todo plugin, how are you handling due date changes? Manually and individually, as described above, or is there a better approach?