Is anyone interested in heat maps? I'm looking forward to such a plugin

Just like the picture below. I think with it, you can see whether you are seriously using joplin again, avoid idleness, and increase your desire to create.

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I like the idea! I think I will add a heatmap for the daily note in the Plugin: Sidebar plugin bundles [v0.4.1][2022-09-03].

The shade of the color indicates the number of tasks completed that day: Deep green stands for a busy day, and light green means a relaxing day :slight_smile:


interesting , when i first read the title, i assumed you mean some kind of zettlekasten plugin like obsidian. Does joplin have such a thing already?

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Come on, look forward to it.

I haven't used obsidian, so can't help you.

The latest version of joplin-plugin-bundle has the heatmap feature for the daily notes!

Where? I didn't see it.

It turned out to be that little dot. I really ignored him. He really looked small.

You can see the heatmap when you put some finished tasks in the daily note

If I don't write a diary that day, will he still have a heat map display?
Is this heat map always updated, or the next day?