Inline Todo Plugin

This plugin introduces an "inline todo" syntax that will be collected into a single note for easy viewing.

The plugin supports multiple "styles" of inline todo, which can be switched in the options. I've also written the plugin in a way that should make it easy to add new styles if needed. Here is an example of the default style (which is based on confluence).

I take a lot of notes about various things. It can be helpful to
keep my TODOs together with the content they pertain to.

- [ ] @TODO Think about how to make a plugin to solve this +joplin

This way the TODO benefits from context.

- [ ] @TODO +joplin //2022-04-04 Release the TODO plugin!

I'd still like a way to view all these! See below.

The text behind @ is an assignee/category and there can only be one of these. The text behind + is a tag, there can be multiple tags.

These inline TODOs are collected and aggregated into a single note. Currently there are 2 styles heading and table. Table is likely the most practical, because it can be combined with Hieuthi's table sorting plugin. The default is heading style because I like it the best :). Here's an example of the heading style

- [Note a](:/e710b7af31fc47c89ca5fc4d3c0ecb3a): 2022-01-13 Have some me time

- [Note b](:/beef7ed6d91649149751cea8d14af02d): 2022-03-12 Meat delivery +burgers

# Bob
## Folder 2
- [Note c](:/ef3aac56ffa246baa6a96cc94dd8f25e): Call Teddy +repairs

# Linda
## Folder 1
- [Note b](:/beef7ed6d91649149751cea8d14af02d): I'll get to this eventually

The README goes into a lot more detail!

This plugin is based on a tool that I wrote using the Joplin api before the plugin system existed. Which means that I'm quite happy with where it's at feature-wise. If you have a feature request, feel free to make an issue on github, but know that it won't likely be added unless you submit a PR yourself.

You can install it now by searching for "Inline TODO" in the Joplin plugin search!


Thank you very much! You have made me a present! I have installed your plugin and I am rewriting all my todos now to use it.
Thank you! It's amazing! Fast, clean, without errors on big abount of checkboxes!

So far (even I have read about "PR yourself" :grin:)...
It is not convenient to have mixed todos from Family and from Work. It would be nice if there would be an option to create a Summary TODO note only for the current notebook.



  • Add styling to the Confluence style TODOS (in the renderer). Thanks @SeptemberHX !