Plugin: Journal

Hi all,

This is a simple journal plugin, hope it will be helpful for you.

It will create a note of the selected date, if the note already exists, it just open it.

According to the note name template, eg: Journal/{{year}}/{{monthName}}/{{year}}-{{month}}-{{day}}, it will create hierarchy folder for you.

There are two default action in Tools->Journal:

  1. create or open note of today (Ctrl+Alt+D)
  2. create or open note by selecting the day from calendar(Ctrl+Alt+O).

Hi @leenzhu !

This is a great initiative because Joplin lacked a tool for journaling. On my side, I had created a notebook with all the days of the year for reference but this automates things.

Would it be possible to choose between a Sunday start of the week and a Monday start of the week?

It would also be great to have a command to insert the reference to the current date or to a given date :thinking:

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Hi @bepolymathe ,

Thanks for your suggestion, after reading the document of vanilla calendar, I found it is possible to choose the start day of a week, I'll add this feature later.

And also, I'll have a try on adding reference.


Hi @bepolymathe

I've updated this plugin, you can check the newer version.

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It seems that the update has not been released yet...

Sorry, perhaps I make a mistake of the version, just fixed it, i may take some time for joplin market to update. You can also download from my github:

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Ok, it available and works great. Thanks !

Very nice; thank you very much. If I could perhaps have a request for a future version: up to now my (manually created) journalling notes are ordered with a different date format: instead of YYYY.MM.DD as your plugin does it I currently use DD.MM.YYYY; could this perhaps be an option for a future release?

Kind regards,

Afterthought: can I achieve this by rearranging the parameters in the name? I'll check that ...

YES just rearranging the name components works; :slightly_smiling_face:
Love it!

Can I customize diary templates ?


- [ ] xxx

## Note
- xxx

I'm afraid not. This plugin aims to orgnize folder structure of date of journal. Perhaps this plugin Templates would meet your demands, you can customize a shortcut for predefined templates, after creating a journal, then you can press this shortcut for insterting the note content.

Thank you!!! I already know how to use it

hey man, I really love this plugin. It's badass. That's all :heart:

I'm glade hear that. :smile:

perfect, that was my goal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

One idea for this from a Journal function I've seen in a different app is to put a timestamp.
So currently ctrl + alt + d either or creates or opens the current day's note but what I'm suggesting is that either that binding is extended via an additional option or a new command added to generate a new entry to that note with a timestamp (i.e. without the extra step of opening it and using an insert datestamp command or shortcut).

e.g. I press ctrl + alt + d to make a new note and on the top line of the note body it also puts in the time of that note.
Later that day I want to add a new entry, I press ctrl + alt + d again and it inserts a break followed by a new timestamp header ready for the next entry.

# 2022-08-31

## 09:00
Journal entry one

## 10:35
Journal entry two


Totally agree with @Daeraxa, it would be ideal. Currently I have a keyboard shortcut calling the "templates" plugin to insert in the text with title + time.

Hi @Daeraxa,

From my point of view, organize the contents of notes are really individual. I haven't decided to go further, just wanna keep the journal plugin as simple as it can be.

If you wanna a template for newly create note, I would recomend Templates plugin:

And if you wanna quick insert some predefined text, eg. date/time, I would recomend Slash plugin:

Hope this will help you.

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I get that and definitely understand, it was more about letting you know about a feature from a very similar aspect of another application that I'm familiar with that I know people like as it makes life really easy to just press a single combination and be able to jot down their thoughts instantly.

To reduce friction as much as possible, the most useful feature I've seen working is a "quick capture" function that opens a pop-up where you can simply enter a short piece of information in the note of the day without leaving the place you are... Logseq have a un plugin like this.