Let's add the possibility to plan todo?


Let me plead for a scheduling date for todo. Joplin's task management already allows a lot of things thanks to plugins but I think it would be really useful (especially for todo) to have a search filter with a schedule date. On the same model as created: or due: it would be ideal to have scheduled: as a search filter. This could be used as a start date of work on an event/task/note. The advantage is that we could then use this option in plugins like overview (@JackGruber ). What do you think about it @laurent @tessus ?


This would require to add it to the meta data. Also, there's currently no UI element for start of Todos, because there are no Tasks in Joplin core. The only types are Notes and Todos.

This is an architectural change that Laurent would have to sign off.

Indeed, this requires an additional step in the management of "todo". Personally I am in favor of it because it seems to me that the power of Joplin is to keep the notes and the "todo" in the same place. By connecting them thanks to links and backlinks, you get a powerful system.

Currently, there is a little ambiguity in the use. What is called "due:" is in fact a reminder. If we could consider to have the creation date, the due date, the scheduled date (start date) and the reminder function... we would have all that is necessary for a relatively complete "todo" management. Plugins will do the rest.

In terms of UI, adding an entry in the note properties could be a good first step.


Another element that comes into play for the improvement of the todo: the alarm. Currently, since there is no distinction between the due date and the alarm date, we are forced to use the alarm with its limits. The biggest one is that we are almost obliged to put a date AND a time. Todo's or notes with an alarm without a specific time are in fact set to 00:00. For the sleep it is not great :wink:. It could be useful at first to have an option to say a default time of recall for todo that would be entered without a precise time ( @laurent :thinking: )

Yes the thing is that if we add such a field it should have a use within the main app, and I'm not sure what would its purpose be. And of course that would make the change a lot more complex than just adding the field.

Or else we add support for arbitrary metadata that can be set by plugins. But it's also not trivial to add.


This would be a great extension for the plugin eco system! Since the mateaten then also synced and so the notes function can extremely expanded with plugins.


Hi @laurent

Indeed this second option sounds excellent. It would open up wonderful possibilities :+1:.

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Scheduled dates for todo's (also called deferred dates in other apps) would indeed be super helpful. For example, where I live the garbage is picked up from the curb outside on Tuesdays, and per our neighborhood rules, I should only take the garbage out on those days after 5am. The garbage truck generally comes a little after 8am. So it would be great to have a todo which "starts" at 5am on Tuesday, and is due at 8am Tuesday. As it stands right now, I keep looking at my todo list (and here it's Monday night), seeing my todo for taking out the garbage, but it's something I can't act on yet.