MD-syntax for due date & tag

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I would like to prepare a set of tasks and fit them with a due date and one or more tags which I can then import into Joplin.

How would I specify a due date and a tag to a task like "- foo" to then import into Joplin?

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PS - I am aware the MD supports neither dates nor tags, but perhaps the import function in Joplin can interpret something like "due:2023-02-04" or "#tag" ... he said hopefully ...

See the Inline Todo Plugin, which supports the confluence format for TODOs with +tags, @assignee and //date, for example: - [ ] @TODO +joplin //2022-04-04 Release the TODO plugin!.

It also supports another format: [TODO](2022-04-04) Release the TODO plugin! if you find it nicer.

Also see the Bundle Plugin which supports listing all these tasks in a dedicated panel, and enables filtering them by due date, assignee and tags (works in the desktop app).


Hi @shikuz ,

thanks for the tip, I wasn't aware of either of the two & will try both.

Especially the first one looks like it might help me get some todo.txt functionality into my task lists.


Regarding the second plugin, I couldn't find a good official screenshot, I guess the feature is not well advertised. So here is how the panel looks like, after aggregating all your TODOs from all your notes. The syntax is the same as in the Inline TODO. Ticking the tasks on the panel will update the TODO in the note where you originally wrote it.

If you like Todo.txt, also check out the Metis Plugin.

Today's TODOs:

Future TODOs:


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