Plugin: Sidebar plugin bundles [v0.5.5][2023-04-09]

It will confuse users if //YYYY-MM-DD describes different things on different situations. I think we need to keep it as simple as possible.

Currently, maybe you can use //YYYY-MM-DD~YYYY-MM-DD instead.

If we want to go further, I think we need to change the todo string rules. Maybe just follow todo.txt or taskwarrior?


Oh ! This is interesting. I didn't know that. It may be a workaround even if it's less clear. That said, it would be ideal if instead of displaying a percentage, it displayed a number of days remaining :thinking:

Eventually yes. It seems to me that it was the @CalebJohn’s idea to have a better integration with todo.txt

That would have the advantage of allowing to use a kind of widely used standard... probably better for mobile use in the future.

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I agree that //YYYY-MM-DD~YYYY-MM-DD is a good replacement and I think having that ability to express a task as multiple days is pretty essential for a good task management system

I've previously used todo.txt and really liked it (I only dropped it because I couldn't find a good enough implementation with other apps), I think moving towards that would be a very good idea!

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this looks very useful, is it available in the plugin browser yet?

Yes. You can find it by searching with bundle.

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V0.4.2 is now published.

And Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from China! :slight_smile:



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Nice, it’s the first plugin I try with filters :slight_smile:
It would be beautiful if the filters will use existing things (notebooks, tags, dates) from Joplin. And also the possibility of selecting multiple tags in the filter options.

It will make the filters too complex for a panel with limited width (or height if you place it below the other panels). Three (or maybe Four) filters at the most for a clean UI currently.

I agree. However, I cannot create a suitable UI design for the multiple selection. Currently, all the UI elements are based on bootstrap, and the multiple selection in bootstrap takes up a lot of space Select Β· Bootstrap v5.2


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (late)! :full_moon:

You should really take a look at this plugin, the preview feature is something I really like, he's probably overlooked by most people, and if you're willing to add him to the toolbox it's really great.

Again, I feel that more and more plugins, the sidebar will also become bloated and take up more space, should you add selection settings that allow people to choose what they want, hide those that people don't need.

How should I close the sidebar, I can't find the close button.

The latest version has the settings for each sub-plugin, and you can enable/disable them as you like.

Currently you can not hide it. But it is a good idea to add this feature to the next release.

Actually I am trying to add the preview feature for the footnotes in another plugin:

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I have updated the plugin, I will try another of your plugins, thank you for your work. :+1: :poultry_leg:

One more thing, the to-do list in it, completely disappeared when I ticked it off. If I wanted to cancel, I had to go to the notes to find this to-do. Can I expect it to be displayed at the bottom of the todo, or add a filter for completed items?

I believe this is important. :poultry_leg:

This is something that would be useful. I often have todo with links in them. They are visually rendered but I can't click on them. This makes sense since the click leads to the todo. But if I could preview without clicking it would be great... :+1:

Technically speaking, yes. However, it can cause serious performance problem: The number of finished tasks keeps growing every day. So it is almost impossible to gather all the finished tasks together from all the notes.

The most possible solution I think is only keep the tasks in memory for the tasks finished in one run of joplin. If you restart joplin, then you can not find the finished tasks in the previous run of joplin.

I think I can add a search bar for all the tasks. Then we can search it with @Project +tag1 +tag2 !4 for much more complex filter conditions.


Maybe allow clicking the link to open it as a temporary solution? Preview feature is much more complex, especially with a good user experience and beautiful UI

Yes, that would be fine with me. It was my original idea but I thought you might want to avoid confusion with the link to the todo.

I understand. No worries.

Hi @SeptemberHX

Another small question. You've completely converted me to using inline todo's with this great plugin. The only thing that is not yet ideal for me is the way to capture and sort your notes.

Currently, when I journaling, my meeting notes are under a title in the note of the day of the meeting. But if I write todos (without scheduled date) on the fly during the meeting they will not appear in "inbox" but as planned on the date of the meeting. I conclude that you don't note your tasks to be treated in the diary but in another one ? And if your unplanned todos are out of the "journal" notebook you move them to the day corresponding to the planning date once processed?

So I'm interested to know how you do it.

NB Β«1Β»: Another non-priority idea by the way... autocompletion of projects/tags :wink:

NB Β«2Β»: To support development, can we contribute somewhere?

You can limit the time, for example, to view only one week's completion history.

I think it's better this way, similar to Windows Recycle Bin and Joplin's note history, only saved for a certain amount of time, a lot of things are based on such rules.