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Plugin: inline tags

The plugin lets you add tags by typing # and selecting a tag from the popup window.

It works but has some issues:

  • won't let you create new tags
  • won't filter any tags that the note already has
  • might cause performance issues if you have too many tags


The repo is here: GitHub - roman-r-m/joplin-inline-tags-plugin
I'll publish it to npm later.


Just published a new version (0.0.2) to the repo.

  • Support adding new tags
  • Bugfix: allow creating tags with underscores
  • Bugfix: do not offer to create a tag if it already exists

There's one known issue - the list of tags will contain all available tags including those that the note already has. It's blocked by Plugin API: get notes/<id>/tags ignores the fields parameter · Issue #4407 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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This is great! I've been wanting this for forever.

One thing I noticed is that if you tab to auto complete, it keeps the letters you already typed so #te--> [tab] --> #testte vs #test.

I'll take a look, thanks. Didn't realise tab also works for completing.

I've just published a new version 0.0.4 that has this issue fixed. Plus it will no longer suggest any tags the note already has.


Works great! Thanks!

Thanks for your work, @roman_r_m !

I have a suggestion to be able to keep the writing flow.

I find it a bit inconvenient to select this "Create new Tag" though, it disrupts the writing flow a bit. Is it possible to have the tags created automatically without asking? And if the tags are already assigned then just ignore them.

If a mistake is made by the user, like a spelling mistake or something like that, the user can take care of fixing it by himself.

(FR: Automatically create tags · Issue #1 · roman-r-m/joplin-inline-tags-plugin · GitHub)

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I noticed that you can just hit tab once you are done writing and it will create the tag if it doesn't exist.

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Is there a place to get the .jpl to install this, or do I need to install Webpack, Yoeman, etc. and build it myself?

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Hmm, I thought the whole point of publishing to npm was to avoid the need to download and install jpl manually.
But sure, I can build you the jpl.

If you're on the latest version of Joplin (v1.6.8) you can install this (and any other published plugin) under Tools -> Options -> Plugins and using the search box. The only need for manual installation is to get plugins that haven't been published yet.

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I've the latest Version (1.6.8) running and just installed the plugin.

Is it necessary to activate the plugin? I tried it in a new and existing note, but after typing # there is no popup or so...

Thank you!

This plugin requires v1.7.x and above. It's a bug in v1.6.8 that allows installing plugins that aren't supported. You'll need to update to a pre-release version if you want to use this plugin.

Thank you!
I haven't seen the requirements for this plugin, sorry :confused:

It's not your fault, it's a bug in the current version. This won't be an issue in the future!

Now with 1.7.11 is available - I can use the Plugin :+1:t2: Thank you!

Would it be possible to select the existing tags on top instead of "Create new tag:"? After some time I'll normally select the existing tags and will not create new ones.

Thank you!

I guess it makes sense. I'll do it in the next version.

And it's done.

Thank you @roman_r_m!

Have you pushed it to npm as well? Then I can try to use the internal update function of Joplin too :slight_smile:

I have, but it might take some time before it appears in Joplin.

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