Plugin doesn't run on Joplin 1.6

It does indeed look promising! Unfortunately, entering


on a new line is not doing anything for me over here; the list of other notes within the open notebook does not appear as shown in @roman_r_m's example.

  • other plugins work as intended (ie; TOC, Line Numbers)
  • I restarted Joplin after activating the plugin (pulled the 0.0.2 .jpl)
  • I'm running Joplin 1.6.8 on Mac OS 11.1

Which editor are you using?

Joplin's internal MD editor

The notes in the jpl file state that the minimum version is 1.7.x

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Just came here to post this. @heviiguy it works great for me on 1.7.4. Might try that.


Thanks, @dpoulton

I'll have to wait until 1.7 is available for Mac...

1.7 is not yet available for any OS, except pre-releases.

I'm not sure the version required is all that clear with this plugin. I did the same as you. I downloaded the plugin via Joplin v1.6.8 and found it did not work. I could not see a minimum Joplin version on GitHub so I had to look in the jpl and saw "app_min_version": "1.7",.

You're very gracious, @dpoulton

FWIW I haven't even put this version there, I think it was set by the plugin generator.

Sounds very interesting this plugin!
I have installed this plugin but if i write "@@" then nothing pops up.
What i am doing wrong?

Which editor are you using?
It won't work in WYSWYG editor. I should add a note at the top.

i am using the markdown-editor

Which Joplin version?


You need 1.7 which is only available as pre-release at this point.

oh ok, thank you.

Roman I just installed 1.7.6 for Windows desktop, restarted, and I also see nothing happening when I type @@ on an otherwise empty line in the markdown editor.


Try fully shutting down Joplin (File > Quit) and starting it again (Default computer fault-fixing :slight_smile: ). Worked for me, which is odd because Joplin restarts itself when a plugin is installed.

Thanks for the hint but it didn't work for me.