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Plugin List

This topic will only be updated when there are new or updated plugins.

The following report was created on 2021-10-15 13:33:28 +0000

Updated plugins

Plugin                                                                   Version
macOS theme 1.2.9


    Name Version Description Author
:house: :arrow_down: ABC Sheet Music Plugin 1.0.1 Turns ABC text notation into sheet music Laurent Cozic
:house: :arrow_down: Admonition markdown extension 1.0.3 Enables markdownIt admonition plugin, which enables formatting notes Massimiliano Masserelli
:house: :arrow_down: Autolinker 1.0.0 Adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it creates a link to the note with a title matching the selected text. S73ph4n
:house: :arrow_down: Automate Notes 1.0.0 Finds blocks of javascript in the current note (blocks have to start with "javascript" and end with "") and runs it as a function. S73ph4n
:house: :arrow_down: Automatic Backlinks to note 3.0.3 Creates backlinks to opened note, also in automatic way ambrt,cyingfan
:house: :arrow_down: Better Markdown Viewer 1.2.3 Keep Cursor Synced Between Editor and MD Viewer ylc395
- :arrow_down: BibTeX 0.5.0 Use locally stored BibTeX files to integrate citation into Joplin Abdallah Ahmed
:house: :arrow_down: CodeMirror Line Numbers 2.0.0 Enables line numbers for CodeMirror editor Shantanu Goel
:house: :arrow_down: Combine notes 1.0.1 Combine one or more notes JackGruber
:house: :arrow_down: Complete Link 1.0.0 This plugin adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it completes the selected text into a note title (in a markdown link). S73ph4n
:house: :arrow_down: Conflict Resolution 1.2.3 A plugin that makes process of resolving conflicts easier. Ahmed Alwasifey
:house: :arrow_down: Convert Text To New Note 1.5.1 Converts highlighted text to new one in same folder ambrt
:house: :arrow_down: Copy link to active note 1.0.1 Adds entry to right click menu in editor to get link to active note a
:house: :arrow_down: Create and go to #tags and @notebooks 1.3.7 Go to tag,notebook or note via links or via text a
:house: :arrow_down: Day Review 1.0.0 This plugin adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it makes a review of the day's created/updated/completed notes and todos. S73ph4n
:house: :arrow_down: Disable PDF 1.0.0 Disables the PDF preview (and export) in Joplin for better performance JJ-8
:house: :arrow_down: Embed Search 2.0.0 Embeds list of links specified by search inside of note ambrt
- :arrow_down: embedded tags 1.0.0 embeded tags Dave Edwards
:house: :arrow_down: Export To SSG 1.0.3 Export a collection of notes to static site generator project. aman-d-1-n-only
:house: :arrow_down: Favorites 1.3.0 Save any notebook, note, to-do, tag, or search as favorite in an extra panel view for quick access. Benji300
:house: :arrow_down: Folding in Code Mirror Editor 2.0.1 Allows to fold parts of markdown text displayed in editor ambrt
:house: :arrow_down: Get Notebook ID 1.0.1 Copy/Show the ID of a notebook. For developers. A regular user won't need this. Helmut K. C. Tessarek
:house: :arrow_down: Home Note 1.0.2 Plugin to open a choosen note each time joplin starts. It is like homepages on browsers. Adarsh Singh(lki)
:house: :arrow_down: Hotfolder 1.0.1 Monitors a locale folder and import the files as a new note. JackGruber
:house: :arrow_down: Inline tags 1.2.0 Inline tags plugin Roman Musin
:house: :arrow_down: Insert Date 1.0.1 Adds a button to insert the current date (without time) into the editor. herdsothom
:house: :arrow_down: Jira Issue 2.1.0 Retrieve Atlassian Jira issues information using their api in order to track the status of them from your Joplin notes. Marco LUCARELLA
:house: :arrow_down: Joplin Anki Sync 1.0.0 Bidirectional sync between Joplin and Anki Lijun Chen
:house: :arrow_down: Joplin User Link Plugin 1.2.0 A Joplin plugin for custom links, like jump://?query=blabla. Cologler
:house: :arrow_down: Kanban 1.0.3 Flexible kanban board plugin for all your tasks Balint Magyar
:house: :arrow_down: Link Graph UI 1.1.1 View the connections between Joplin notes. Trey Mo
:house: :arrow_down: macOS theme 1.2.9 Native looking macOS theme for Joplin. Also works on non-macOS devices. Andre Jilderda
:house: :arrow_down: Make All Links 1.0.3 Searches the current note for mentions of other notes, then makes the corresponding links. Just click the new icon in the toolbar. S73ph4n
:house: :arrow_down: Markdown table calculations 1.0.3 Plugin for automatic calculations of markdown table formulas. Oskar Świda
:house: :arrow_down: Math Mode 0.5.3 Turn your notes into a powerful calculator with inline math. Caleb John
:house: :arrow_down: Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons 1.1.0 Additional menu items, shortcuts, and toolbar icons, which are not part of Joplin core Helmut K. C. Tessarek
:house: :arrow_down: NLR 1.0.2 将joplin在记笔记的同时,变成一个网文小说阅读器,a chinese net literature downloader and reader plugin for joplin. fengQ
:house: :arrow_down: Note list and sidebar toggle buttons 1.0.3 Adds buttons to toggle note list and sidebar Laurent Cozic
:house: :arrow_down: Note overview 1.5.4 A note overview is created based on the defined search and the specified fields. JackGruber
:house: :arrow_down: Note Statistics 1.0.4 Plugin to get note statistics Azamah Junior
:house: :arrow_down: Note Tabs 1.4.0 Allows to open several notes at once in tabs and pin them. Benji300
:house: :arrow_down: Outline 1.2.7 Outline (TOC) sidebar plugin for joplin. cqroot
:house: :arrow_down: Pages Publisher 1.2.1 Generate static blog website from your picked Joplin notes, and publish to Github Pages, with a few mouse clicks ylc395
- :arrow_down: Paste Special 1.1.2 A plugin used to paste special text into Joplin coderrsid
:house: :arrow_down: Persistent Editor Layout 2.2.0 Save the editor layout (editor/split view/viewer/rich text) for each note separately with custom tags. Benji300
:house: :arrow_down: PlantUML2 1.3.0 Render PlantUML diagram inside your Joplin notes. Marco LUCARELLA
:house: :arrow_down: Quick HTML tags 0.1.1 Create quick HTML tags. Martin Korelič
:house: :arrow_down: Quick Links 1.2.2 Create links to other notes Roman Musin
:house: :arrow_down: Quick Move 1.1.0 Collection of commands to quickly move notes to other notebooks. Benji300
:house: :arrow_down: Random note 1.0.3 Opens a random note from your vault Azamah Junior
:house: :arrow_down: Repeating To-Dos 0.0.3 A powerful and comprehensive plugin for to-do repetition/recurrence BeatLink
:house: :arrow_down: Resource Search Plugin 0.1.1 Search in Attached Resources Roman Musin
:house: :arrow_down: Rich Markdown 0.7.3 Helping you ditch the markdown viewer for good. Caleb John
:house: :arrow_down: Rubi and Furigana 1.0.1 A command that inserts <ruby> tags to formatted text to display furigana. Hieu-Thi Luong
:house: :arrow_down: Simple Backup 1.0.3 Plugin to create manual and automatic backups. JackGruber
:house: :arrow_down: Spoilers 1.0.3 Create inline spoilers and spoiler blocks with title and extendable body. Martin Korelič
:house: :arrow_down: Table Formatter Plugin 1.2.1 Format the table under the cursor in Markdown editor Roman Musin
:house: :arrow_down: Tagging 1.0.1 Plugin to extend the Joplin tagging menu with a coppy all tags and a tagging dialog with more control. (Formerly Copy Tags). JackGruber
:house: :arrow_down: Tags Generator 1.0.0 Plugin for Joplin which can be used to extract keywords from note and assign them as a note's tags forcewake
:house: :arrow_down: Templates 2.2.0 This plugin allows you to create and use templates in Joplin. Nishant Mittal
:house: :arrow_down: Untagged 2.1.1 This is a joplin plugin to find notes and todos without a tag. BeatLink
:house: :arrow_down: White Theme 0.0.6 A white theme for joplin BeatLink