Official Joplin plugin repository is now ready! If you are developing a plugin please read on

It works with the latest generator version.

Sorry for the question but I'm not familiar with npm... do I have to create an account to publish a package? Because I'm getting the following error message during npm publish on the root folder of my plugin:

Right, you'll need to have an npm account first, and then use npm login to login. After that, npm publish should work as expected and publish the package to your account.

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Done. Thanks :+1:

When i install 'Create and go to #tags and @notebooks', show error 'Could not install plugin: Missing manifest file at: /Users/xxxx/.config/joplin-desktop/tmp/79df6961c9716dae138e1618e62f8a3a_joplin.plugin.ambrt.goToItem/manifest.json'

I see the same error.
Installing from .jpl doesn't work too.

The plugin appears to be incorrectly packaged. What's the GitHub repo?

This is my latest that also doesn't pack manifest into .jpl

You will need to update the plugin framework because the one you use packages the files in the old way. You can run npm install -g generator-joplin && yo joplin --update and after doing so it will display a few warnings telling you how to update package.json.

I was going to create a pull request but couldn't as you have a file in there named �F@@��@8@ which git cannot process.

Can you try 1.6.8-or-up branch? (name is misleading it can go 1.6.7). This file shouldn't be in that branch.

I did npm install -g generator-joplin && yo joplin --update
and all my plugins locally don't seem to work

What error do you get?

Plugins compile without error but when i try to install .jpl, i get:

PluginService: Installing plugin: "/home/x/Desktop/Dev/my-joplin-git/joplin-plugin-go-to-item-via-text/publish/joplin.plugin.ambrt.goToItem.jpl"
/tmp/.mount_Joplin6H…luginService.js:142 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Missing manifest file at: /home/x/.config/joplindev-desktop/tmp/joplin.plugin.ambrt.goToItem/manifest.json
    at PluginService.<anonymous> (/tmp/.mount_Joplin6H…luginService.js:142)
    at (<anonymous>)
    at fulfilled (/tmp/.mount_Joplin6H…/PluginService.js:5)

the folder mentioned has only 3 files

autocomplete.js TagsAndNotebookAsLinks.js tagsNotebooks.js
those are items from extraScripts

manifest and index aren't included.

Tested it on clean repo but same problem

Maybe some problem with the way the generator is installed? What's the output of npm list -g generator-joplin?

└── generator-joplin@1.6.11 

I'll create empty plugin and see if it's same problem.

Empty plugin installs correctly but
the problem is with extraScripts - when i added empty asdf.js file to /src and to "extraScripts": ["asdf.js"] error of no manifest.json occurs.

Yes there was indeed an issue when compiling extra scripts - in this case it wasn't packaging the plugin correctly. I've updated the framework to fix this so if you run npm run update it should work now.

New generator works. Thanks!

I'd like to add my plugin to the list of plugins found here - Plugin List

Can some one provide simple step-by-step instructions please?

You need to run npm publish. The script will then pick it up and add it to the plugin repo and list automatically.
More steps here: joplin/packages/generator-joplin at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub