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Is it possible to add tab view like in GitHub - Ogefest/Notepack: Privacy oriented, without vendor lock in note organizer, todo list desktop application.?


I know it‘s not exactly what you you are linking to, but are you aware about the existing Note Tabs plugin for Joplin?

Please kindly share the Note Tabs Plugin URL or links or download options or download link for reference

This link will let you read about the plugin on GitHub

If you want to install it to try it out, in Joplin go to Tools > Options > Plugins and search for Note Tabs. You than then install it by simply clicking on the install button. Then restart Joplin (you will be prompted).

This screenshot shows "Installed" as it is already "plugged-into" my copy of Joplin.

Note that once installed the tabs can be moved into different positions in Joplin by using View > Change application layout.

EDIT: I thought that the link provided by @personalizedrefriger, above, was just to the GitHub page for the plugin but it appears to be to an entry in a complete Joplin Plugin site that I was not aware of!


Holy …
This plugin is a godsend. Thank you for alerting me that it exists. I vaguely remember trying it … a long time ago. It has improved dramatically from what I remember.


BTW there is a ‚Plugins‘ section where a good ghost always presents the most up to date list of available plugins called „Plgin List“. Perhaps risk a second and get inspired…

That's what I used to keep any eye on available plugins but one of the posts above made me aware of the "Extend Your Joplin" Plugins Site. It's not third-party and lists all the plugins, categorised, with trending and recommended plugins and with a search function.

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A well hidden site, but very useful indeed!!! Thanks for that link! :grinning:

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