Learning to use Joplin

Hi Joplin !

Is there any good resource/documentation to learn to be a power user of Joplin ?

How to do things of course, but most importantly what could be done in Joplin ?

It's my first use of a note-taking software, so I probably can improve my workflow...

But I couldn't find meaningful documentation nor how-tos anywhere.

There's one topic about howto's already, but it didn't get any of the answers I am looking for.

(also this other topic was in the Support category so I created this one also in the Support category, especially since I couldn't find another one that would fit; my apologies if I shouldn't have)

This page lists the features. Keep reading and it will cover searching and much more.


This covers the Markdown Joplin uses. Keep reading and you will also see what extensions to Markdown are available (Tools > Options > Markdown). Many of the features listed also have links to more detailed information.


This gives some info on the plugin system


This gives a summary of the available plugins

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