Plugin: Rich Markdown

Ah, you're right. I completely forgot I had some custom CSS. Disabling it fixes the problem.
Sorry for the false alert.

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  • Revamped context menu
    • Now the context menu will contain specific items (such as "open link") rather than the generic "perform action" (Implemented by @laurent, thank you!)
  • Plugin now supports joplin:// style links, as well as links to other notes with an anchor link (e.g. [link](:/other_note#anchor))
  • Performance improvement when inline images are used
  • Fixed an issue where the extraCSS option was necessary to enable highlight (==) syntax, even when the syntax was enabled in the markdown section
    • From now on, it only needs to be enabled in the Joplin settings to work

That's great. Thanks for all your hard work.

Oops, I forgot to give proper credit for that change! Fixed now, you can pass that praise on to Laurent (who definitely deserves it and more).

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Hello, can you provide JPL download? Because I'm an intranet machine, thank you

The plugin list contains the jpl for direct download (blue arrow)


Thanks @Daeraxa I didn't know that. In either case, I updated the binary so it's available from the rich-markdown repo also.

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Is there a plan to support "mermaid"?

Yes I'd like to support all rendered items from the viewer. Once that's done I'll finally release this plugin as v1.0.0.


Great to hear that!

Is there a way to have code blocks scroll horizontal overflow instead of wrapping text? You can do it in the rendered Markdown panel, but the editor is lacking a wrapper element onto which you'd place the needed styles. Is it possible to add such a wrapper or does CodeMirror make it impossible?

Impossible, we only have control to the line level. So multiple lines can't be grouped in this way.

Hi @CalebJohn, I would like to request for adding a wrapper on both the "abbreviation text source" and "abbreviation text markdown". Because it seems confusing with the emphasized text.

  1. The "abbreviation text source" is without any CSS class in the markdown editor, is it possible to auto add a .cm-rm-abbr-src class when we defined a new abbr text?

  2. The "abbreviation text markdown" is currently separated into three parts:

The token:

The abbreviation text target:

The abbreviation text description:

It would be nice if it could be changed to be:

The token:

The abbreviation text target:

The abbreviation text description:

@Nacandev I've added a feature request to the plugin for this. I probably won't get to it right away, but I'll accept a PR for it.

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I would also like to request highlighting for the Definition syntax, please.

I have noticed som lagging (about a second or so) before the "reduced intesity of the italics and bold markdown tokens", "match list spacing to the viewer", and "==mark== syntax" kicks in.

It seems to only be a problem when I click on a different notebook than the one I am currently viewing. The first note always lags while all other notes in the same notebook can be viewed without issues afterwards. If I then jump back to the previous notebook or any other it lags again for the first note viewed.

I don't notice this lag when opening a note with the search function or Go to anything feature strangely enough.

Is this to be expected or is there something wrong on my end perhaps? Running Joplin 2.7.15 and Rich Markdown v0.9.0 on macOS.

This is likely related to some other Joplin performance issues. The fact that it only happens when switching notebooks sounds like a different kind of slowdown. It could be that all plugins reload during the switch.
Do you have any other plugins installed? If so which ones?
It might be worth disabling all plugins except for this one, to see where the performance issues are coming from.

I tried disabling everything except Rich Markdown just now and the issue remained. It's not a major problem though since I could just remove "match list spacing to the viewer" to get rid of the small text jumps that occurs for me and live with the rest.

I have the following plugins installed besides Rich Markdown: Outline, Templates, Quick Move, Favorites, Simple Backup, Home Note. I haven't really noticed any performance issues besides this (except a bit of a start up time when launching the app) from what I can recall.

Yes. It seems that the symptom corresponds to the following issue.

Since a PR fixing the issue was already made, it will be resolved soon.


I have noticed that opening links and checking check boxes is not working anymore using Ctrl-Enter. But it is still possible to trigger Perform action using command palette and there selecting Perform action. Under Joplin Keyboard shortcuts I don't have Perform action to assign the keybinding to it. Does any one have similar problem?
Running Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, linux) and using vim keyboard mode (previously it worked when you were in insert mode).