Improve external plugin visibility


recently the feedback came up that the external plugins aren't easily discoverable. I have two ideas to improve it. Forgive me that both relate to my Thunderbird add-on.

  1. List of email tools and their features

Now that the email plugin has been released, there is even one more option to handle mails. I think it would be good to have a short list or guide about the functionality of each tool. It would allow the user to get an overview without having to search through multiple forum threads. Here is a brief list. It could be extended and posted as a forum wiki.

  1. List of external plugins

I'm only aware of the VSCode plugin and the Thunderbird add-on. They could be posted as a forum wiki like Plugin List. Maybe if Website Plugin UI is finished (not sure about the current state though), the "external plugins" could be even listed in a static page next to the "internal plugins".

What do you think?


I think plugins are more easily discoverable? (since there's a page for them on the app) And we also want to create a plugin website to improve this.

I agree however about external apps such as the Thunderbird Addon, VSCode plugin, and many other similarly great projects, as we currently aren't showing them anywhere. People stumble upon them in the forum but we certainly could do more to promote them. Perhaps also on the new plugin website.

I agree. Probably my wording was not ideal. By "external" plugins I mean plugins that can't be installed from inside Joplin, but rather from another app. I think the plugin website will be a great way to showcase the "internal" plugins.

Hmmm, I can mention your email add-on in the email plugin readme. I think it improves the exploration of your email add-on, especially if the user is primarily using Thunderbird.