Evernote user since 2011 with a lot of data, I'm considering switching to Joplin but need reassuranc

some additional info :

  • No Suggestions for existing labels and notebooks when doing a GLOBAL search
    no alternative that I know

  • Opening notes in a separate window is not possible (or with an external editor?)
    yes external editor, imho it's a bit frustrating but I live with it

  • No note reminders
    there is alarm for each note or task, I don't use it very frequently but it's working

  • No Today List or Today Reminders
    ? (not sure but look for "Note Overview" plugin

  • No text encryption
    there is encryption, but for all the notes, but I'm not sure it is what you are looking for. I think a plugin was looking to provide it, look for "Note encryption" there : Plugin List

  • No Recycle Bin for deleted items
    I do that manually with a mock folder "trash", but an official feature is coming soon

  • Android web clipper only capture link?
    sorry I don't know about that

  • intensity of development
    it's very intense (including google summer of code), and the dev team is listening very often users

  • electron app
    efficient and speedy in my opinion, and I' very demanding on that matter

Bruno (another one)