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# Personal Experience Sharing: Using Joplin + VSCode as a Note-Taking Tool


The reasons why I chose Joplin as my note-taking tool and VSCode as my editor have been explained very clearly in Future of Joplin. I'd like to share my toolchain for editing markdown using VSCode and what exactly it solves for Joplin.

Note: It is important to be open source, platform agnostic and easy to migrate based on markdown, because no one knows which note taking tool is the ultimate winner, if not the right one, then at least easy to migrate.


Let's start with a short list of my note-related plugins, all of which perform a specific function and can be combined.

You may have noticed that some of these plugins have nothing to do with markdown, but they are still important for editors, e.g., the spell-checking functionality that Joplin implemented recently (v1.4.*) is already available in the existing VSCode plugin.

The problems solved by these plugins I also submitted at Differences between joplin and editors like vscode, so I won't repeat them here.

Problems Solved

I've briefly browsed through the last two weeks of Joplin posts, and the following problems seem to have been solved/implemented in VSCode