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Integration of PlantUML

I like to request to integrate PlantUML initially “only” a text based UML syntax. It is very matured and supports a wide range of Diagrams. The cool fact is that it is all text based. So easy to port, simple to store with code (e.g. in git) and easy to maintain.

It is already in almost all known wikis, IDEs and editors suppored:

You will find a lot of cool features on the PlantUML webside. Here a sequence diagram as example, just click through the topbar on the linked webside to see more examples.

Here some more no UML examples

What do you think? I’d love to see that also in Joplin. Currently I use it with many documents since I can easily check in versions and update across so many systems.



I would like to second this proposal. mermaid is supported in Joplin, but it doesn’t have use case diagram.
Personally, the activity diagram syntax of PlantUML also feels more friendly than flowchart syntax in mermaid.

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One problem is that PlantUML is written en Java, and based on Graphviz.
Integrating both might be very heavy (the JRE isn’t light!) and not in the native language of Joplin, unlike Mermaid.

I didn’t know Joplin supported the latter. Tried code fences with mermaid type, as a wild guess, it works! Wow…