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Find and Replace

Hi to everyone.
I’m using Linux Manjaro KDE.
My version of joplin is 1.0.193
I wonder if there’s a feature like “Find and Replace” in Joplin
This is a simple feature and very useful
Maybe I can’t find it
Thank everyone in advance:)


There isn’t “find and replace” in Joplin and I agree it would be great to have this in the editor so you do not have to use an external program. A regex search and replace would be even better!! I am not a coder / dev so I do not know if this can be implemented using the current ACE Editor.

It seems that CTRL+H is the intended shortcut key for replace in ACE. I assume it does not work as the search is not in the ACE editor but rather the viewer pane?


this is also the one feature I'm actually missing the most in Joplin.

Couldn't find a feature request in https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+replace yet. So maybe, here this should be requested more first?

Yes, +1 for find & replace, at minimum within a single note.

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I agree that would be nice to have at least a simple Find and replace per note.

This would be a fantastic feature for, and would be realy useful for the way that I use Joplin (University Notes).

If it is to be done though, I think it ought to have proper regex matching and replacement. This could be incredibly powerful. While not too many people would utilize it, those of us power users would find it incredibly useful for certain notes.

Also, refer to implement-regex-and-non-regex-find-and-replace-in-a-note thread.

Seconding this feature request. I want to copy notes over from another application, but the symbols used for bullet points don't match. There's no way I'm replacing them all by hand. If an upcoming update had this feature it'd really be a life changer!