Proposal: Building a Joplin Extension for Visual Studio Code

Hii Team Joplin!!

Myself Gautam Bhagat from Pune, a student looking forward to contribute to Joplin under GSOC 2024
I propose developing a Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension for Joplin, enhancing the note-taking experience. This extension would integrate Joplin into VS Code, allowing users to access, edit, and create notes within the editor.


  • Improves usability by providing a familiar note-taking environment.
  • Expands Joplin's user base by integrating with a popular tool.
  • Demonstrates Joplin's versatility and extensibility.

I am committed to collaborating with the Joplin team to ensure the successful development and implementation of this extension.

This project has the potential to greatly benefit the Joplin community and enhance the user experience.

Such extension already exists: Joplin's vscode plugin is released!