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Auto attach images as resources after external editor

Some times at external editor (like Typora) needed paste local image to text.
But on return to Joplin image does not attach and preview contain invalid image.
Be useufull that auto attaching images as resources after external editor.


What exactly are you talking about? How do you paste local images to text?
Are you talking about an inline image pointing to a local file in Typora? If that were the case, it should also work in Joplin. Can you please elaborate your issue?

see also

I think they attached an image to a note using typora, and when they return to Joplin they are looking to have that converted to a Joplin reference.

Ok, but I still don’t know how the image is attached (I don’t use Typora, nor do I have it installed to test it).
Is the attachment an inline base64 code, is it a separate resource/file, or is it a reference to a local file?

Here is an example from attaching an image in typora


In Typora or other editor I can write (in MD format) relative path:


Hi, maybe I have the same issue. I am trying to attach an image to a note using an external text editor (like Atom or sublime). There are some plugins to let you put the image you would like to attach, like with C-v, to a specific folder. I have tried using the one in which my notes are synched, but this does not seem to work. Is there any way I can attach an image using an external text editor?

Thanks a lot already for your reply - and I wanted also to express my appreciation for this app, I really love it!

Unfortunately I don’t know that part of the code too well. Laurent added code that people could also see images when opening a note in an external editor like Typora. I guess the reverse should also be possible somehow. But I don’t know.