Markdown keyboard shortcuts

Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for the Markdown editor somewhere, and are they changeable? For example, I recently discovered that Ctrl-/, if pressed in a note, overrides my global shortcut in Joplin Options that I had used to assign for note search.

There isn't a nicely formatted list anywhere, but the code fortunately makes it clear which keys are bound.

The plan is to make them changeable in the same way that all other shortcuts are, but as you can tell it hasn't quite been done yet.


Thanks for the list!

In the link to the code it doesn't seem to have any reference to the actual markdown formatting itself (like H1, bullets, checkboxes etc). I use an Elgato Stream Deck and I can make any keyboard shortcut into a button activated when a program is open so I'm super keen to have the ability to change to H1, H2, regular text, bullets, etc by using the keyboard shortcuts programmed into the Stream Deck.

It doesn't seem possible to set keyboard shortcuts for markdown formatting like those commands as of now? If not, when is it likely to be implemented or is there some workaround that I could use in the meantime?