Chrome editor extension is based on joplin

Joplin is a good editor based on markdown. However, whether it is possible to imagine using joplin as the data base in the future, and supporting other editing capabilities through browser extensions, such as Block Styled editor or WYSIWYG.

In fact, this is what I did. By relying on the powerful editing capabilities of vscode, making a vscode plug-in to integrate the functions of the joplin client can make my daily use easier.

So, of course, you can also write a joplin client, use the joplin data api to communicate with joplin, and if you want, you can even integrate it into an electron application, and joplin is also an npm package.

Yes, it looks like the idea is very similar. Using vscode is also a good idea. The main purpose is to support better editing ability on the data of the joplin.
The difficulty now lies in whether to allow access to data in different formats. If data in other formats are used, such as Block Styled Editor, the plugin of Joplin cannot be used.

Yes, this always involves trade-offs. But as far as our usage scenario is concerned, this allows us to use the familiar editor without switching windows. Although most joplin plugins may not be available anymore, in contrast, we can use some vscode plugins. For example, the drawio plugin recently created by the joplin community already exists in vscode