Text expansion in Joplin?

I use the Inline Todo plugin, so I'm frequently writing out lines that look something like this:
- [ ] @desk //2023-12-05 scan documents

It would be nice if I could speed up entry by using text expansion that types out characters/phrases such as - [ ] and // and inserts today's date.

Are there any existing plugins that could be used to accomplish this?

Try Slash Commands.


If you can configure them, text expanders like Espanso can work agnostic of editor, platform, and form factor.

They can be useful for external editing, autocomplete, and more complex expansions: Markdown links, tables, page templates, etc.


Thanks, this is a fantastic little app. Reminds me of CopyQ in that, once I started using it, I wondered how I ever lived without it.

I used espanso. It works well with Joplin. Besides markdown snippets, I use it for markdown templates. :slight_smile: