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Plugin: Markdown Table - Sortable

This plugin add the ability to sort rendered tables. It may or may not be compatible with other table plugins (e.g.: multimd-table) so use at your own risk.


It is based on sorttable script, so check the original post for the details logic.

You might also like my other plugin about table:

Plugin: Markdown Table - Colorize


I wonder what the record is for most plugins published in a single month? You may be on track to beat it. :1st_place_medal:

Thanks for all your work.

I am in the midst of revamping my workflow with joplin. While I am experimenting with note taking then quickly develop the plugin that alleviate the problem that irritate me the most.

So as long as I am still using Joplin, more will come a long with my workflow development. Although I think I checked all the low hanging fruits in my plugin todo list, so probably not as frequent.


This is great and adds great functionality to MD tables, thank you!
Daft question, do I need to build it manually to use? There is no JPL file on Github and the plugin does not show up through Joplin's plugins built-in search.

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There is some unknown problem with the npmjs hopefully it will be resolve soon. In the meantime you can install using the jpl put in github release.

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star, thank you!

A useful plug-in. Thanks. What I really like is that it works in the render pane and does not require any non-standard Markdown code. That makes it "mobile-app friendly" in that a mobile app can still display the original table as it is not presented with customised Markdown it does not understand!!