Create a Task report plugin for a Joplin note-taking app

Hi, I am using Confluence for a quite a while and I found a very usefull macro there.

Can someone help me to create a plugin in Joplin with the same functionality?
I even posted it as a work here: Create a Task report plugin for a Joplin note-taking app - Freelance Job in Web Development - $400 Fixed Price, posted October 22, 2021 - Upwork

The work is paid when all requirements are achieved and the plugin is published and tested for a two weeks by me or everyone who wants to test it from the Joplin community. To be sure that work will be maintained after creation I am asking for all access to the results with possibility to move work to another person.

All created code should be published as an open-surce without any proprierary parts.


I have many checkboxes in many notes/todos with a syntax:

Note X
Some text...

  • [ ] @mention_asignee //YYYY-MM-DD Something that should be done 1

Some text...

Todo Y
Some text...

  • [ ] @mention_asignee //YYYY-MM-DD Something that should be done 2

Some text...

I want to see them collected from all notebooks in a table with filters:

- [ ] Task Asignee Due Notebook Source Tags
- [ ] Something that should be done 1 mention_asignee YYYY-MM-DD Notebook A Note X Tags from the Note X
- [ ] Something that should be done 2 mention_asignee YYYY-MM-DD Notebook B Todo Y Tags from the Todo Y

The table should have features:

  • Filters for all columns
  • Hide, unhide done checkboxes
  • Sorting for all columns
  • Checking checkbox in Table column is checking checkbox in the source
  • Changing date in Table column is changing date in the source
  • Source note/todo should be clickable

It allows me to have a track on all tasks I have in my notes. And control my teammates and my work.

It would be a very nice feature for a project management and team collaboration. It is an excellent feature for teamwork development of Joplin.

If needed I can demonstrate how it works in Confluence.

I hope I posted it in a right place.

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Yes, that would be interesting.

Besides, it seems to me that what you want is quite similar to what the overview plugin allows. No ?

I am not sure, but it seems to me that it is not similar. Because in my task we are working with Checkboxes, not with ToDos. And these Checkboxes should have special syntax in one line for assignee and for due date.

What should I demonstrate? Video, screenshots? Do you have specific questions to mention in demonstration?

Yes you’re right, I looked a little fast. Overview does not allow you to work with checkboxes. On the other hand, the plugin Embed any search - with content! allows this in a note with the following command :

 /"- [ ] @" 

This will allow you to see all the checkboxes starting with this standardized line beginning... but it will not allow you to sort in a table. What you want is a combination of the features of these two plugins. It makes sense. However, there will still be the problem that Joplin confuses the due date with the reminder date... and you want to add a due date in the body of the text and not as a metadata of the note/todo

No, it is not if I am not mistaken. It allows to show Note names with Checkboxes, but not lines with Checkboxes themselve.

Just want to point out that this requirement may not be possible to meet:

Actually I wanted someone to review a plugin from frequent Joplin contributors. I do not have enough skills to do it myself. I don't know yet how to shape this in a better way. Maybe you have a suggestion? The only intention is to have a good plugin which will work for everyone for a long time.

Asking for a review is fair enough, there are a lot of people who are usually happy to provide input but (and this is purely hypothetical) some might be reluctant because the plugin was produced for a fee with a review as part of its requirement so might feel less inclined to offer any of their time towards it as it is a gateway to payment, not a passion project.
If your goal is to have the recommended tag applied to it, as in my linked post, then it does require one of the Joplin team to manually accept it and apply that tag which may not be something they are willing to do without a proper review process in place (again, hypothetical here, I might be talking out of my behind).

Agree. Let's see how it works. Would it be some proposals or not.
I am desperately need this feature in Joplin as it helps me with my job a lot.
But I am not sure I can find someone to implement this, even though I belive it boosts Joplin popularity among small project teams (Joplin Cloud plan).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not disparaging your methods or anything here, I think it could well be useful, I just think that having that line about it needing to be a trusted plugin might be impossible to meet, at least in the short term, and could put people off picking this up.
Ultimately if the plugin is made available to the community and people install it, use it, test it and leave feedback then that should show any glaring problems. Ultimately the review to how suitable it is is mostly going to be driven by yourself.

Is it better now?

I reckon so, yes so long as you are happy with it obviously.

On the topic of the plugin itself (not that I'm in a position to do anything in regards to coding it, you don't want to see what unholy things appear when people let me near programming languages), I am also curious as to what the actual function here is. Are you able to simply show some "real" screenshots of your current system (with anything sensitive redacted or anonymised obviously)?

So, how it looks in Confluence.
I can create notes (meetings minutes, plans, ideas). And by writing something I can create a task. For example:

After that I can go to the Task report macro and see all tasks from specified Spaces (Notebooks). I can filter and sort columns in this table. I can click on Source and go to the context of the task. I can check a Checkbox in Task report makro or in the Note itself. Checked Checkboxes dissapear from Task report macro view if I filtered undone tasks only.

So this is how it works in Confluence. But my main working tool is Joplin, so I need this feature here.

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I understand now, that is really quite a nice feature, thanks for sharing. As you and @bepolymathe already discovered you can sort of do half of it but it is a little one sided in that you don't have much flexibility on the "overview" note.

Can't say I can do half of it. With existing plugins it is possible to see Note names with unchecked Checkboxes.
No possibility for:

  • Due dates
  • Assignee
  • Seing the task itself
  • Sorting, filtering

Overview does a lot but you are right there are limitations.

  • due dates: it must be assigned as a reminder
  • Assignment: it is possible as a link to a note in the name of the person (that's how I work)
  • see the task itself : this is not possible because you want checkboxes
  • sorting : it is possible but you have to change the parameters each time.

In my case, it looks like this...

The problem is that Joplin has a logic in which a todo is an entry not a checkbox. The checkboxes are eventually there to detail some elements in a todo.

I have several due dates in one note. So it is not applicable.

I have several assignees in one note.

No, it is not possible with a querry /"- [ ]"

All in all, I am sorry I do not know programming because it looks like even sponsoring doesn't attract anyone.

Yes, this is a limitation. It is linked to the fact that the architecture of Joplin was thought around the notes and not the tasks.