How to handle emails with Joplin desktop

Non-exhaustive list of tools that can be used to import mails into Joplin or export notes as email.

Importing emails

Tool Type Joplin Forum Description
jopin-instant-mail PHP script link Instantly convert email into a note or todo item in Joplin.
joplin-mail-gateway Shell/Python script link Simple (bash-based) mail gateway for the open source note taking and to-do application Joplin.
Mail2Joplin Windows application link Allows you to send emails to Joplin, which will then be stored as notes.
Outlook Notes to Joplin Outlook VBA script link This Outlook macro exports Outlook Notes, Mail, and Post with attachments to Joplin.
plugin-email Joplin plugin link This plugin adds the ability to fetch email messages (including attachments) and converts them to Joplin notes in various formats, either by monitoring any new or unread messages from a specific email address or a specific mailbox, or by uploading downloaded email messages to the plugin without having to be logged in.
thunderbird-joplin-export Thunderbird add-on link Easily export your Thunderbird emails to Joplin.

Exporting notes as emails

Tool Type Joplin Forum Description
joplin-email-note Joplin plugin link A very simple Joplin Plugin to send your current note as an email to your browser or email client of choice.
joplin-note-email Joplin plugin link

Other resources



Thank you very much for this post.

Is there a way to import your post with the table intact into joplin? You have provided a great resource here and I'm having trouble figuring out how to preserve it in its current format.

I will want to check out some of these without having to refer back to the Forum.


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You could click on "edit" and copy everything. That should work, since it's a markdown table. Maybe someone else knows a more elegant option.

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Is it possible for Joplin to display attached .EML files in iOS? The OS doesn't have a built-in handler for the format.

This plugin is great but is currently not working for a fair few users. Please see my post here - Email Plugin Release 1.0.0 is now Available 🚀🚀 - #26 by _Ben

The developer doesn't seem to be around so if anyone can help re-compiling the plugin that'd be great!


A follow up from me... anyone know how to do this? -

A guy gives steps on how to compile the bug-fixed plugin but it's beyond me (Windows here).


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I've always wanted to learn how to compile code. Only I never did. Waiting As You Are. Actually, correct that I did using the Android Studio one time and one time only compile an Android application from code that I downloaded from GitHub. That came with step by step instructions and the developer helped when I had questions.

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For users subscribing to Joplin Cloud some of this capability is automatically available. As described Here, with a brief quote from that page -- "you can save your emails in Joplin Cloud by forwarding your emails to your Joplin Cloud email address. The subject of the email will become the note title, and the email body will become the note content. The note will be created inside a notebook called Inbox. All notes created this way will use, like any other note, your Joplin Cloud storage capacity. This feature is available for Pro and Teams members.". In my brief testing, the functionality did not archive email attachments. Only the body of the email appears in the note. Perhaps @laurent can comment further