Use the imap email directly in joplin, share notes
Will not use js, a patchwork of products
Refer to theEliasVincent/joplin-email-note

  1. Support sending pictures
  2. Email does not support LaTeX, the use of online services into images
  3. Basic styles

Gives good results :+1:


  1. 代码块滑动
  2. 图片自适应


  1. 添加语言更改,必须重启Joplin


  1. 强制更新,不需要重启joplin
    chrome-capture-2023-4-9 (1)

Thanks for the update, @zuike

This is a great plugin, and converts Joplin notes to well formatted emails!

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I appreciate your comments.

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  1. 跟随joplin设置的语言,对文本进行修改(移动到图标显示的文本,需要重启joplin)
  2. 将不常用设置放到对话框
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Good update! Translated below with the help of translation engine, and from checking out the new version, this is what I understand (in case it's useful to someone else):

Now sets the language to the system language automatically. The tool tip for the Send Note as Email icon, now reflects the system language instead of showing always in simplified Chinese. Requires Joplin restart if updated from a previous version.

Moves some of the Send Note by Email settings to Show Advanced Settings (allowing user customization of several styles).

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