Export Outlook Notes to Joplin

Based on code from @rami.sedhom discussed here, I have made an Outlook macro to export Outlook Notes to Joplin notes.

You can find instructions and code in this Gist: Outlook Notes to Joplin · GitHub

It follows many of the ideas from Rami's original, but with a number of changes or improvements:

  1. Exports Outlook Notes, not Mail. I'm considering an improvement to work for both, but Notes were a priority for me. The Thunderbird app allows exporting mail, but not Notes.
  2. Copies the Creation and Modification dates
  3. Converts Outlook Categories into Joplin Tags attached to the exported notes.
  4. For simpler operation, does not prompt the user for a Joplin folder, but exports to a notebook Outlook Notes (which will be created if necessary). The user can then move the notes where they like in Joplin.
  5. Works with newer versions of Joplin. @rami.sedhom's version no longer seems to be compatible. I just discovered another version by @cytochrome, which has another way of making this fix. I'm sorry not to have discovered this nice work before, but I think perhaps mine is a cleaner implementation.
  6. Disables caching on the HTTP connection to the Joplin web clipping server. This could also give problems with the other two implementations.
  7. Made the code more modular to simplify further development.

Anyway, I hope this is of interest,


I have expanded the macro quite a bit. Some new features:

  1. Can export Outlook Mail, Posts, Documents, as well as Notes.
  2. Exports HTML or plain text format. Outlook Conversation / Subject, Received / Modified, Created, and Categories fields will be exported to Joplin Title, Updated, Created, and Tags fields, respectively. Email From and To fields are added at the top of the Joplin note.
  3. Uploads attachments to Outlook items as Joplin resources. These are linked in an Attachments header to the Joplin note.
  4. Included some basic instructions for adding the macro into Outlook.

As before, this is available here: Outlook Notes to Joplin · GitHub

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