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Introducing Email-Note Plugin

Hey there,

I have been using Joplin for quite a while now and I love it so far, so I thought I'd make a small plugin for it.
Email-note will send the current note to your email client of choice, the note title will be the subject of the mail and the note itself will become the content. Right now it only filters out the # headings.

Link to the repo

So let me know what you people think! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


How do I specify the email client to open? I'd like it to open my desktop Outlook client.

Edit: Never mind. I changed the default email client in Windows settings and it's using Outlook now.

And thanks for the cool plugin.

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Cool! Thanks!

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This is a good idea :+1:
Suggestion. It might be interesting to be able to send a selected text to the mail client and not necessarily the whole note.
Thanks for this new plugin :wink:

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Glad you like it! :grin:
I've added a right-click option to mail just the selected text now.


Thanks :+1: :+1: :+1:

Very nice!

Nice plugin. I have 2 comments though:

  1. the package.json and manifest.json show one version, the release on gh something else (all 3 should be kept in sync, otherwise the next step will be a mess)
  2. it's not in the plugin repo yet, which means people won't find it from within Joplin

Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. Oh yeah right, they all have to be the same. There's now a v1.1.1 which is the same everywhere.
  2. Is there a way or what's the best way to submit a plugin to the repo list?

You publish to NPM and the script will pick it up and add it to the repo.
See - https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/tree/dev/packages/generator-joplin#publishing-the-plugin



I published the npm package now, should be on in the plugin list soon then. joplin-plugin-email-note - npm (npmjs.com)

Great, the next run is in 3 minutes, so in probably 5 minutes your plugin will be in the official list of plugins.

Weird, it actually should be in the list already, since you published it 2h ago.

We had such an issue before. If you search for it on the npm site, it is not found. I think we mighy have to open a ticket with npm.

Woulรถd be nice to have it the other way round:
If I select an EMail in Outlook I would like to have it clipped into Joplin


I went through all of the configs and it all seems to be set up correctly. I have contacted npm support now, let's see what they say.

Yep, I have also opened an issue. See here: npm Status - Published packages do not appear in search

Hi there,

love your plugin. It also is available in the repo.

View questions:

  • If I use HTML formatting I see the html code in Outlook insteat of the formatting
  • Pictures are not included, only the links to the Joplin file as text
  • E_Mail icon don't displayed in WYSIWYG editor

Is there a way to get this "fixed"?


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  • I don't know about Outlook, but in Thunderbird it displays just the html code too, and will only convert it when sent. It's really strange how they handle html
  • Yeah I have to look into the picture thing
  • I downloaded some other plugins and they all show this gear icon when in the WYSIWYG editor instead of the intended one. If there's a way to display it properly then I haven't found it yet :sweat_smile:

I updated Outlook and now it seems to work now with the html code... Maybe just a Outlook-problem...

Thanks for your help about the pictures.

Okay, I just didn't found it because of the other icon. For me it's fine, I have no other plugin. So I can use it and don't have to switch to the markdown mode...

Thanks for your great work, looked a while for something like that...

Hi there, I really like your plugin.

But there's one thing I just noticed: If the note title contains special characters like "&", then the rest of the title and the note content gets chopped off.