Email Plugin Release 1.0.0 is now Available 馃殌馃殌

I can see on Github other have had similar problems (Stuck on 'Loading' 路 Issue #28 路 joplin/plugin-email 路 GitHub) and apparently it's fixed, just not compiled into a release -

chopstik commented on Jan 10
Found the issue working through #24 - the releases hasn't been updated to include more recent bugfixes. If you clone the repo locally insdtall dependencies then run npm run dist you'll get a publish/Bishoy.EmailPlugin.jpl archive. Copy that and replace the plugin in /Users/***/.config/joplin-desktop/plugins (macOS) and the pagination issue at fault is resolved.

I have no idea how to do this (Windows here fwiw). Would anyone be able to talk me through how to do this on Windows?

Many thanks.