Email Notes to Joplin

I'm new to Joplin and this forum, but am now using Joplin to move from Evernote. I've been an Evernote user for over 20 years but am now finding it too restrictive and also expensive. I like Joplin very much but one feature I miss is the ability to email notes into it. I see there are some features to address this but here is a simple (for non tech people like me) way I have used to do this. It only works with Microsoft Outlook but fills a feature gap which I use a lot.

Set up a hotfolder using the hotfolder plug in, mine is "joplin_watchfolder" I've an "Import" folder in Joplin to which the hotfolder plug in sends all uploaded files.
In Outlook (I use Outlook 365) set up the Sperry Software add-in "Save as PDF" . I know it's not free but there is a 14 day trial version if you want to try it out. I cant put the website link but if you Google Sperry Software you'll find their website.
Configure the plug in to save emails to the hotfolder. I have set up a specific outlook email address to do this but you can use parameters like the subject line in the email.

Its not as slick as the Evernote system where you can put tags etc and also identify a target notebook, but it works OK as a basic capability.