Victor, a plugin to help you delete all your data and start over

Victor Plugin for Joplin

Victor helps you delete all your Joplin and start over. It can sometimes be useful for example when you want to clear a sync target you do not have full access to. In that case you would invoke Victor, delete all your data, then synchronise with the service (which in turn will delete the remote data).

Of course the plugin should be used very carefully because once deleted the data cannot be recovered. In fact, after having used it, it is better to disable or even uninstall it to prevent any accidental use.

You may also want to backup your data first (File > Export All > JEX) in case you realise later on that you had some important data in there.

Installation and usage

In Joplin, open the configuration screen, then under "Plugins" search for "victor".

Then under the Tools menu, select Delete all data...

More info

All notes, notebooks, attachments and tags are deleted.

Note revisions however will not be deleted and those can potentially be large. To delete them too, go to Configuration > Note History and select "Disable note history". You might want to close and restart the application to ensure the note revisions are deleted too.



Was going to ask about the name, clicked the link, question answered.

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With great power comes great responsibility. :astonished:

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Thank you! It has deleted many things, but not all.
I had 0 notes on the desktop but 365 files were remained on the server (Nextcloud). After applying Victor 111 files remained undeleted on the server. Some of them contain really information that I wish to be deleted.
"Disable note history" is selected.
(I know, I can delete the files directly on Nextcloud, but I wanted to give it a try).

Could you look at the remaining files on the server and check the "type_" property value? That should tell you what is left exactly: for example a revision would be type_: 13

I have 109 files:
74 of type 13 and
34 of type 6 (probably "NoteTag")
The remaining file is probably the master key.
Is there a way to delete all this from inside joplin?