Clear Joplin Cloud data of an accout?


I am trying to wipe-out all the data stored on my Joplin Cloud account. I tried by syncing all my data on Joplin desktop then deleting them. After hours, sync has ended but I still have 800MB of storage in use and 114 pages of items in .

Is there a way to clear all my data ? Shall I create a new account from scratch ?
Thank you!

I am using Joplin 2.6.10 on Windows 10 64b.


You might want to install and run the Victor plugin to really delete everything. Then if you still have a lot of data remaining please post a screenshot of you sync status screen (under Help menu)

Thank you for the quick answer. I will give it a try.

I executed the delete with Victor plugin and all my notes have been removed from the server, thanks. I have not been able to delete Revisions, even by following instructions of the plugin :

To delete them too, go to Configuration > Note History and select "Disable note history". You might want to close and restart the application to ensure the note revisions are deleted too.

But it is not a big issue for me, it takes only 2BM on my account.

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