Failing to delete all data on Joplin Cloud

  • version you are using.
    Joplin 2.9.17 (prod, darwin)

  • what you are syncing with.
    Joplin Cloud

  • operating system you are using.
    MacOS 13.3.1

What am I or my machine doing that could be preventing Victor from working as indicated?

I'm using the Victor plugin, and following its instructions. At one step, if the remote storage is not clear, the instructions are to delete local and redownload from remote then run Victor again.

I've done this step thrice, so far. Each time, something remains on remote. Each time, redownloads show several thousand "Fetched items". At this time, Joplin Cloud shows about 25 MB of storage use, after the delay for updates. Syncing using a newly installed Joplin on another device downloads all the current master keys, and prompts for the master password. This means that encrypted notes remain, correct?

My goal is to clean out all remaining notes, so that multiple old master keys are no longer needed. At this point, I'll delete the "joplin-desktop" directory and reimport afresh from a .JEX

You don't need to worry about the multiple master keys, simply disable the old ones in the settings.

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The Sync Status view still shows over a hundred "NoteTags" (fully synced) and over a thousand Revisions (fully synced), in addition to a handful of Master Keys (zero synced).

Thanks for the suggestion for Master Keys. What can I do about NoteTags and Revisions? While previously using WebDAV to sync, filesystem access made it possible to clean house. Is there a way I can do the same for Joplin Cloud?

Reading this and finding there used to be a feature (on the Cloud's web interface?) that triggered a complete reset. Is my only option now to create a new Cloud account?

  1. Disabled multiple old Master Keys.
  2. Input the new Master Password on the empty field beside the new Master Key. (This Master Key was added when I created a new Master Password, not realizing that the old Master Keys were still on Cloud). Checkmark appears under Valid column for this entry.
  3. Created a new note on client.

Now seeing new error:

Last error: Error: Could not encrypt item <ID>: Master key is not loaded: <ID>
  1. The Master Password section indicates the Master Password is invalid. Tap Manage Master Password. Enter new Master Password. "Master password is not valid. Please try again."
  2. Enter Old Master Password. It's accepted. Master Password section indicates "Valid". All disabled Master Keys now have checkmarks under Valid column. The oldest of the old Master Keys has a checkmark under Active column. If the Key is disabled, I don't follow how it is also active.
  3. "Could not encrypt item" error is not showing anymore. But the new note has been encrypted with an old Key, despite it being disabled.

The ability to delete data on the server was available during the Joplin Server beta testing period on a user's "items" page (which has also gone). It had its problems as it could take several goes to clear everything as nginx kept timing out, but it was possible (eventually). It would have been a nightmare for anyone with lots of data! I recall that Laurent said he intended to remove the button as it was for use during the beta testing phase. So, being a bit buggy and for testing purposes only, it may never have been an option when Joplin Cloud was made available.

Joplin Server 2.1.6-beta

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