Delete all Joplin Cloud data

I started testing Joplin Cloud. At some point I wanted to start with a clean database. As there is no button on the cloud page to wipe out all the data, I deleted all notes on a laptop app and pressed "synchronize". But on the cloud item page (joplincloud dot com/items) they are still there. How to delete all obsolete data in the cloud?

Laptop: MBP, BigSur 11.4
Joplin: 2.4.12

As of yesterday you are in luck! Victor, a plugin to help you delete all your data and start over


Thx a lot.

I used Victor, but still some resources (with .crypted extension) are left. Those file are in the cloud and in the local resources folder too.

From the README of Victor:

Note revisions however will not be deleted and those can potentially be large. To delete them too, go to Configuration > Note History and select "Disable note history". You might want to close and restart the application to ensure the note revisions are deleted too.


Made that too. Didn't help. Did a couple of tries - for example using "Delete local data and re-download from sync target", but still some data which exists in cloud resources folder weren't synchronized to local directory, so there is no option to delete it using Victor. Seems that only option is deleting and recreating the cloud account :frowning:

So for this moment I gave up on using cloud and come back to testing syncing via dropbox, where at least I have some control on files on "server side".

How do you know there are still resources on Joplin Cloud since it doesn't show what's on it? If it's because of the .crypted files you can simply delete them, they are just for local cache and are not on the server.

Thank you for info that .crypted files could be safely removed. Seems that I was wrong linking some local encrypted files with those on cloud.

The case is that on the server I have a bunch o files (joplincloud dot com/items) and also on /home page there is an info about used space and I didn't managed to find a way to delete them.

It might be revisions then, but I assume it doesn't take much space?

It would be good if your plugin could delete this too, but that would require some changes to the plugin API

I'm during tests, so all my data doesn't take too much space.

Those files we are talking about are: 31 .md files (plus info.json, readme.txt & version.txt) - 134kB overall.

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