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Toggle-editors by keyboard

Continuing the discussion from Shortcut for toggle markdown editor/wysiwyg editor:

In mentioned thread a solution is offered which makes you add a keyboard shortcut to the respective json files. Unfortunately this does only work when

  • the markdown editor is used (you cannot switch back to the markdown editor with the same command)
  • the focus is on the note (and not on the sidebar or the notes lists).

If you do frequently work with both editors a fully functional keyboard command would be very handy.

Not a complete solution but as a workaround you can do that via command palette (ctrl+shift+P > ToggleEditors).
Additionally, a more fundamental solution of similar feature requests could be achieved with addition the palette commands to the list of adjustable shortcuts.

Earlier was requested here but didn't get much traction at the time:

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I think anybody who performs repeated tasks on any application comes sooner or later to appreciate keyboard shortcuts (ks) over mouse/menu commands. And Joplin is no exception to this. Which commands are most valuable is hard to predict by the dev, so his choice of ks will necessary be sub-optimal. The best you can hope for : a way to add a ks to any command available.