Shortcut toggle between editor modes


Is there a way to have a keyboard shortcut to toggle editors (markdown and the visual one) instead of going over it with the mouse everytime

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Toggle editor layout shortcut: Ctrl - L

You can change the shortcut to suit yourself under menu Tools > Options > Keyboard Shortcuts

@OGG I have asked many times, never got a response. May be time to add a feature request on Github.

@johano : ctrl-L switches between different views within the markdown editor
BUT it does not switch to the rech-text module, and that is what OGG is looking for.

Ah, I see

It has been asked before:

Including one where you were involved and I replied:

Basically the toggleEditors command should work just fine but it seems there is some kind of "intercept" from TinyMCE which stops the accelerator that you bind to that command from working back the other way - related issue: Desktop: Command "moveToFolder" when bound to an accelerator only works when focus is on codemirror editor · Issue #6063 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Good morning @Daeraxa
I assume the "asked before" addresses OGG, because I did not ask again.

I tried to address this here: Toggle-editors by keyboard - #11 by rafjaf


If it is really so easy to implement with a plug-in (I believe you !),
then I really do not understand why it was not implemented as a main app's feature long ago.

I think the developers have a great many deal of requests to address and this one was clearly not a priority...

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Because it seems to be a bug in how TinyMCE is intercepting the accelerator, it isn't a feature that needs to be added. You can prove that by showing that running the toggleEditors command. There is a bug still open that seems to be related but it doesn't seem like it has been looked at for a while.

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