Is there a shortcut for toggle like this button ? :
I know there's one for toggle between markdow editor, simple editor and both simultaneously (3 possibilities)
but that's not the one I want.
Thanks !

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You can create one manually but I think there is a known issue where this only goes "one way". See Shortcut for toggle markdown editor/wysiwyg editor and Toggle-editors by keyboard

Just a sidenote: @Steph thank you for your question. It made me realize, that I can use Ctrl+L, which - in contrast to your needs - satisfies my needs completely :slight_smile:


You're welcome ! :wink:
Precisely, sometimes for me [CTRL] [L] shake the button (kind of little animation) but nothing happen !!! (OS = windows 7 for example, Joplin = 2.10.19).
Besides, inside the joplin's shortcuts pannel I don't use it at all. Even not with toggle actions :

Thank you for the suggestion.
Something like :
Nothing worked for now. I will try again...

I managed to get it working but only in one direction (you can go from md editor to richtext but not the other way around) using :

    "command": "toggleEditors",
    "accelerator": "Ctrl+G"

Not sure if there is a shortcut that can get past the issue or if the one I picked was being intercepted somehow. The actual toggleEditors command runs just fine no matter what the context - its only when bound to an accelerator that it is a problem.

@ Daeraxa,
Thanks for help ! However no success under my windows (whatever the starting point). I'm going to try on my kubuntu....
Just something : I use multiple profiles in Joplin... But I see only one keymap json file...

I have to admit I've not tried to use it for a while now but I thought it should still work.

I could be wrong here but I think the keymap file is "inherited" by the additional profiles if they don't have one set explicitly.

@ Daeraxa,
Thank you for the answers.
About profiles, I don't know.
Anyway : I had a look at the content of each directory of each profiles (for example : C:\Users\BOB.config\joplin-desktop\profile-blablagzxt) and I see no more .json for keymaps.

But every profile has his own configuration of shortcuts ! Sometimes completly different fron one another.
By the way it's boring - but important to keep things like this - because you have to create again for each profile, all the shortcuts.
I know there's an import/export for shortcuts. But it never worked with me.

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