Shortcut for toggle markdown editor/wysiwyg editor

see Toggle between WYSIWIG/Markdown editor mode with keyboard shortcut:

I want to pick up the original feature request for a keyboard shortcut to toggle WYSIWYG editor and markdown editor.

In (closed) topic, the discussion drifted from the primary question to CTRL L which toggles layout.

I went through ToolsOptionsKeyboard Shortcuts but »Toggle Edit-Mode« is missing.

Especially for bidirectional operations between Joplin and word processors, it would be very useful to have a fast toggle shortcut for cut/paste operations. So that the advantages of the respective editors can be used and conveniently connected depending on the requirements.

My proposal would be Shift Alt E because Ctrl E toggles (in standard configuration) to external editing.

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So you can actually add this to your keymap-desktop.json file:

    "command": "toggleEditors",
    "accelerator": "Ctrl+G"

However I tried a number of different shortcuts and whilst I was able to go from markdown -> richtext I wasn't able to get it to go back again using the same shortcut. Might be worth having a go and seeing if it is possible with a different keybinding.

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I can confirm that. Same result: one direction, only md → rtf.

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