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Hey All,

I am new to Joplin - slowly moving away from Evernote. So far this is a GREAT application (thank you Laurent!)

One thing I haven’t been able to figure out (sorry if this was already posted and I missed the thread) - is there a way to open multiple notes at once, in different windows? Like this:

It’s really handy to be able to open more than 1 note at a time, especially when multi-tasking at work.

Thank you in advance!


Short answer, if you want this feature soon is that you can use the external editor feature of Joplin to view multiple notes in different windows. You can find info about this feature on this forum or on the Joplin website.

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Hi TheLargeFries,

I would recommend Typora as an external editor. Just install it and configure it in Joplin preferences, General / Text editor command.
Mac users then simply press cmd-e (Windos Ctrl-e) on a note and have a distraction-free editor window. Or several, if needed.

Awesome, thank you both for steering me in the right direction - greatly appreciated!

Typora is not ideal. It could not 100% render math expression like Joplin.

For example, Typora can render this:

f{'}(x_0)=\lim_{\Delta x \rightarrow 0} \frac{\Delta y}{\Delta x}=\lim_{\Delta x \rightarrow 0} \frac{f(x_0 + \Delta x)-f(x_0)}{\Delta x}

but it could not render this: $\Delta x$

So, opening note using Joplin editor is the most ideal way.

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I would be really interested in this feature as well. IMO the external editor is not the ideal way to supply that, although I do appreciate it for other reasons.

Is there the hope to see that feature implemented in some next release? Are there other users interesting in that?

I am very often browsing my notes on Evernote while updating a note... So this should be a very basic feature.

So it might be an old conversation, but... really, having to open an external editor as a work-around for what I consider a basic feature is exactly what makes me so unhappy. Not only should this be a basic feature, but also, it is adding a step, as I also have to desactivate external editing using on « stop external editing ».

The external editing shoud be used by people who really want another Markdown/HTML editor, not as a way to work around the lack of a basic feature.

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You might want to try Plugin: Note Tabs

I agree. I also came to Joplin from Evernote (Legacy), and I think this is the feature that I most miss from EN. Not being a programmer, I don't know how easy it'd be to implement, and I imagine that there could be other issues of higher priority for the devs, but I would definitely use this. Yes, I can use multiple instances of Typora to replicate this, but it's not quite the same experience and not as elegant. @roman_r_m I don't think Note Tabs can do what's being asked for here, unless I'm missing something.

The Note Tabs plugin does the job. Well kind of, because I already tried it in the past. I thought about a bug as the tabs appeared on the left part of the window. Once again, I tried today... just to discover the screen part where the plugin appear should be configured !

Well, it’s not the correct topic, but the default is totally wrong ! (and apparently, I am not the only one thinking so, looking at its topic).

Anyway, once the plug-in appears on the top, I find the tab management a bit strange, and there is no option to configure them like I would like to... I will likely develop that a bit more on the plug-in topic.

Note tabs is very useful in that you can keep your working notes handy in a neatly tabbed interface rather than having them in lots of windows scattered all over your desktop.

But when you want to see two notes simultaneously, you need Joplin window + one other window. External editor is the current solution, but built-in functionality would be welcome, at least from my perspective.

Very high priority? Not for me, since we have external editor option, and since note tabs allows fast switching between notes, which handles at least some use cases for multiple note windows.

I'd agree that it's not high priority--just highly welcome for perhaps a few.

I wonder if there could be a poll on the most desired features/fixes. I'm not saying that the top vote getter should necessarily be the highest priority, but it might be good to gauge once in while what the people want.

In my case, I created a vscode plugin to solve this and many other problems, refer to: Joplin's vscode plugin is released!

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I've just come over from EverNote and it I'm literally shocked that something as fundamentally basic as being able to open a note in a new window is impossible.

I use EverNote to manage my "how tos" and so on for work, and I use spaces on the Mac to divide up my work. Not being able to have multiple notes open means I can't multitask, and, not being able to have multiple windows means I have to keep moving Joplin from space to space.

Using an external editor is a dirty dirty hack, it's not a solution.

I really think this very fundamental and basic feature needs to be added.

Assuming the price is even vaguely reasonable, I'm prepared to sponsor the feature to get it done.

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Well Joplin is not a clone of Evernote so things are done differently - you can use tabs instead, or the external editor for example. You have GotoAnything to quickly switch between notes too.

Many users manage just fine but if you come from Evernote and expect to find a clone, then it's not what it is. You may have to do things slightly differently.

I too would love to have this feature. Editing notes side by side, making comparisons between notes, copying and pasting certain pieces.. and I also find it useful if I'm recording or delivering a talk live on Zoom etc to have a small window with speaking notes I can scroll right up the top of my screen near my camera. It's my trick for looking like I'm talking to the camera but actually referring to my speaker's notes :wink: I used Evernote for this fairly regularly.. I miss that in Joplin.
I suppose in the meantime I can continue to just use Evernote for some things, but I like the idea of Joplin being able to replace my reliance on Evernote completely.. so if we can have this feature in future it would be most welcome.


What are the chances of getting multiple window support?

I see the github feature request for run multiple instances of Joplin was unceremoniously closed, but hopefully multiple windows is still in consideration.

I am a couple of hours into Joplin, ( one of the Evernote Legacy castoffs).
I have installed Joplin portable in a Veracrypt volume and this works well.
I would also like the ability to open a note in a 2nd window.

Thanks for all the hard work.