Feature Request: Multiple Windows

In Evernote (at least on OSX) I could have multiple windows open so I could keep notes at my fingertips. It’s great when one is like a daily status or something I update all day or when I have notes for troubleshooting and issue but another note to help me remember troubleshooting steps or something.

Could we get this in the OSX version of Joplin?

I would be happy to donate some small amount to help with this. Or I might be able to help develop it if I am pointed in the right direction.


That would be great, but you can achieve a similar thing on Windows - perhaps on OSX too? If you use an external editor you can open different notes in different editor windows.

The external editor does help. Not ideal, but does help.


I would like this too. I quite often need 2, 3 or even 4 documents open for reference/comparison.


@Laurent .. you already have the code for the current editor. So, Is it possible just to transform that code to a standalon app (hidden in Joplin or in any other way) and call it just the way Joplin now calls any other external editor? With external editors like Typora one can open several windows, so I was just wondering why not with Joplin's own editor.
P.S. Forgive me if this sounds idiotic from a programmer's point of view.. I'm jsut a user with a suggestion.

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This a great idea. It’s basically “open note in separate window” . It would be great when you need to view multiple notes at the same time.

Some use cases

1 My notes are a mess from my VS Code days. I opened duplicate notes everywhere because it wasn’t easy to see or search them. I’m in process of splitting and joining them to remove duplicates and group information logically.

  1. I try to keep a log of tickets I’m working on in the current sprint j in a notes for the daily standup meeting. It also helps when a project manager messages me “what is the status of x?” when I’m knee deep in a coding or debugging session. My brain doesn’t switch contexts that well, so having an always open note I can glance at would be helpful.

  2. As mentioned above , referencing multiple notes side by side is helpful. Maybe you pasted log output in one note, and other note tells you how to interpret the output.

I still use VS Code for coding an sometimes as external editor, but Joplin is really my main notes app as it just handles them better.

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I would find it very useful to edit notes side by side in multiple windows. In some sense, a folder of markdown docs would be even superior to Joplin for this.

You can take a look at joplin-vscode-plugin

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