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Feature Request: Multiple Windows


In Evernote (at least on OSX) I could have multiple windows open so I could keep notes at my fingertips. It’s great when one is like a daily status or something I update all day or when I have notes for troubleshooting and issue but another note to help me remember troubleshooting steps or something.

Could we get this in the OSX version of Joplin?

I would be happy to donate some small amount to help with this. Or I might be able to help develop it if I am pointed in the right direction.

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That would be great, but you can achieve a similar thing on Windows - perhaps on OSX too? If you use an external editor you can open different notes in different editor windows.



The external editor does help. Not ideal, but does help.



I would like this too. I quite often need 2, 3 or even 4 documents open for reference/comparison.